Thursday, April 24, 2008

CBS affiliate interview with Alex O'Loughlin

Another affiliate interview for Alex O'Loughlin. This time with WDEF. Alex is so good at answering the same old questions from people who have never watched Moonlight. He is always gracious.


cobby said...

Kandye - I know all ML fans wanted our show to be promoted so we can continue to enjoy Alex/Mick, etc and to ensure a 2nd season......but I got to tell you, these past two weeks have been hell, not only for the fans, but my God, my heart is breaking for him. Right about now this is probably torture for him and having to answer the SAME OLE questions from people who know nothing about the show, is almost humiliating & embarrasing to me. I think CBS waited to long to do this and now I get the feeling their parading him around like a dancing bear and he's FAR TOOO GRACIOUS, and of course commited to the show and his BOSSES, to say, NOT AGAIN, damn it!!

I love him so much, I just want to save him from what I consider a "side show".

Anonymous said...

New video from CBS