Thursday, April 24, 2008

Video ~ Alex O'Loughlin gracefully handles wacky morning show interview

Early morning chat chit with Alex O'Loughlin. Moonlight is getting quite the promotional push. *cheer* Poor Alex obviously spent a lotta time nailed to a chair doing remotes with various CBS affiliates. He handles the satellite delay & the wacky morning show anchors from WJZ 13 with grace.

Even these guys realize how hot Alex is ~ "In America, we grow actors who look like Peter Falk and Danny De Vito..... they grow actors that look like Hugh Jackman and our guest this morning, Alex O'Loughlin." They go on to tell Alex about one of their wives who has a crush on him.

This video includes spoiler footage we have seen in Moonlight promos.


TexasBlondie said...

The two morning guys seemed to have more then coffee in their cups! But they actually managed to get a good interview out of Alex.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word ,that was horribly painful to watch. Poor Alex, those guys were AWFUL interviewers! You'd think being newscasters that they'd have a bit of social skills when it came down to interviewing celebrities, or would at least be proper conversationalists. That left me wondering if someone had slipped speed into their morning coffee. I'm proud at how well Alex handled that, especially when one of them practically insulted the integrity of the show (uh, and the sad thing is that they're on CBS, which I don't think is very good representation of the network). You could tell he was just a little bit miffed, but he handled it with perfect grace. Gotta love Alex, always polite. :) Luckily his second interview was a bit more normal, which I'm sure was a total relief.

Anonymous said...

Don and Marty are part of the "local color" in Baltimore. In other words, they are complete morons. Then why, you might ask, have they been on television all these years (and I do mean YEARS)? Because they play to the blue collar, slack-jawed "Balti-morons" who say things like "hon" and "wooder" (instead of water). I'm not surprised they handled the interview so poorly. WJZ is a disgrace of a station.