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Mild Spoilers ~ Maddy's great interview with Jason Dohring

We have another great Jason Dohring interview to enjoy. Maddy, from Blogcritics Magazine, had a fantastic chat with him.... and has shared it with us :) There are tiny spoilers in the article. If you have read the spoiler info mentioned here before, you already know about it.

An Interview With Moonlight's Jason Dohring
by CallmeMaddy

Jason Dohring of CBS's Moonlight actually came onto the Warner Brothers lot on his day off just to have a chat with Blogcritics. The guy is, in short, extremely nice and dedicated to his job.

Moonlight recently won a People's Choice Award for Best New TV Drama. It beat out Gossip Girl. That's pretty impressive. It's due to the loyal, obsessive fan base that every new show needs to stay alive. Jason said that winning the award was "unbelievable."

Mild Spoilers

He plays Josef, a vampire who, after 13 episodes, we still don't know too much about. Jason hopes this will change though; he really wants a Josef flashback, much like the one Moonlight fans will see this season with Alex O'Loughlin's character, Mick. (I'll give you a hint: it involves the 1940s, World War II, and Alex with his hair gelled back. Take it from the girl who saw some of it shoot, it'll be awesome.) What he wants it to cover is how Josef became a vampire.

Expect to see more of Jason when Moonlight returns April 25 with four new dramatic, funny episodes, four weeks in a row. His part will be bigger, though. We will see Josef "go vampire" and grow fangs. Although he spent most of his break working on his character, he says it's "rad" to be back. In the opener, Mick and Josef "kick asses." (When asked if Josef will kick Mick's ass, he responded he's not sure, but it's a cool idea. Hear that, writers?) The next episode is supposedly so cool that it left Jason emotional for an hour and a half. And, coming from the girl who knows what happens (and, no, I'm not going to tell you — that would ruin the fun), you do not want to miss it.

Jason loves working with his costars, Alex O'Loughlin and Sophia Myles. He does a lot of his scenes with Alex, and they get along great. He likes to watch Sophia act; he says she's just so talented and she can say lines and make them work that he would have to practice for a long time.

If Jason somehow became a vampire, he would probably take Mick's path and do something good with it. Jason has a moral code, not unlike Mick's character. Josef, on the other hand, does not. Jason wants to use his art to change people's lives. It means so much for him (and this was no BS, I assure you — Jason was 100% sincere). He believes that all sorts of art can do that — visual art, acting, and music. He learned a lot from Marlon Brando (The Godfather) and suggests that anyone wishing to pursue acting should just watch him in a scene 20 times. After all, he says, acting can be learned. And, when it is learned, it is beautiful and graceful.

Jason didn't realize he wanted to be an actor until four years ago, however. He wasn't one of those kids who wanted to be an actor when he was two. He does have two sets of twins for siblings, and he got to into the business because of them. According to the law, kids can only work so many hours, so directors use twins to get more done (think the Olsen twins on Full House).

Before Moonlight, Jason played Logan on Veronica Mars. He basically went from playing a twenty-something-year-old to a vampire that was eight generations old. He said it was tough and a huge challenge because Josef has seen everything.

Jason's greatest fear is, ironically, what vampires can die from: being burnt alive. It would just be so painful and it would just keep going on.

I guess Jason isn't embarrassed easily. He went into make-up one day, before realizing he didn't need to be on set for four or five hours. Well, he wasn't going to just sit there, but he didn't want to go through make-up again. So, he went out in public. He says, "I looked like a drug addict. I mean I was that guy who nobody wanted to talk to."

Jason is honestly a great guy. I don't mean to sound phony, and if I do, disregard my phoniness. Honestly, Jason was awesome. And I mean, really, the next season of his new show really sounds like something you shouldn't miss.


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