Sunday, April 20, 2008

Major SPOILERS for Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) from today's Moonlight Panel

Mariah posted this super cool, informative and spoilertastic report about today's Moonlight Panel at the NY Comic Con. The preview reel shown during the panel contained lots of huge spoilers for Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13)! We get to hear a bit more of the conversation we glimpsed in the EyeLab promo of Josef asking "you sealed the deal yet?"

I knew the new episodes were gonna be amazing.... but.... all these details are killing me! Can I make it to Friday?!?! *grin*

Alex admits to being both squeamish about blood (which is interesting for a guy who plays a vamp AND who says he would become one in real life if given the opportunity) and accident prone. Poor baby!

Jason and Alex are so handsome.... but Alex does look tired. I can only imagine how worn out he is from the grueling hours spent filming Moonlight, flying around the country to promote it, etc.


There is more context for the rooftop scene that apparently leads to the MickBeth kiss!

We get a longer version of Alex's answer to whether or not Mick & Beth will "seal the deal." From what he says, it doesn't happen in the first three of the new episodes which have already been shot. However, Alex thinks the sealing *wink* may take place in Sonata (episode #1x16).

Day Three: Moonlight Boys at Comic Con
by Mariah at Pop 'n' Fresh

The panel kicked off with a spoilery montage scenes from the last 12 episodes, scattered with bits from the next three (Episode 16 hasn't started filming yet).

Spoiler alert now folks, skip this bit if you want to stay virgin white for the next few episodes.

According to the footage, we've got several juicy bits to look forward to. For starters, the MickBeth romance is in full force. We got to see Mick genuinely ask Beth out on a date "Want to come over for dinner tonight?" what appears to be a a rooftop picnic with Beth and an overnight visit (with Mick heading up to the freezer and Beth downstairs) -- scenes in which Mick is apparently a vampire again -- and a confrontation between Mick and Beth during a rooftop picnic in which Beth calls Mick out on the fact that the thing keeping them apart isn't the vampire issue -- it's him.

But the biggest spoiler of all was a scene in which Mick tells Josef that he can't save Beth as a human and asks his friend to turn him. And, in a moment that will inspire slash fanfic around the world, Josef does. Laying flat out on a table. In a, um, slightly homoerotic fashion. But exciting and wonderful and tragic.

It was the first time the two had seen the finished scene. "The table moment is a little dubious," Alex said. "Jason, you're beautiful in the scene."

There's also a fast car chase with an unknown brunette (Mick has to remind himself that "I can't die, I can't die") and hints of a new nemesis, the new assistant district attorney (who suspects that Mick is not quite human).

And, for those who are busy lusting over a MickBeth hookup, check out this exchange between Josef and Mick:

J: "Vampires and humans can have sex, Mick, it's not about physiology."
M: "It's not about sex"
J: "Of course it's about sex. Everything's about sex."

M: I'm 58 years older than her i sleep in a freezer, I buy blood I buy from the morgue. I have this tendency to bite down."
J "Some women like that."
M: "It's complicated ... It's not the sex I'm worried about."

Spoiler alert over

There are some general spoilers within here, but mostly speculation and general notes. If you want to stay completely spoiler-free, um, stop reading.

Alex and Jason both would take the opportunity to become vampires. Tops on Alex's list of things he'd miss are Whole Foods (yum) and apples. Jason named "all that pleasureable stuff" and then his family (to the requisite awes and oohs of the audience), so Alex added that he'd miss his mom. Both drew inspiration for their characters from the Anne Rice novels. Jason sees vampires as cat-like, with a feline grace, while Alex has a snake-vibe going on (at least that's how Jason described it). "I was doing a lot of animal work with the character. I was looking at birds. ... I was looking at sparrows and finches and how they ... but it didn't work, so I did the snake thing." "Cool though, isn't it?" Jason said.

Alex is also a bit squeamish about blood, too, in part because he's accident-prone.

It was Kids Day at Comic Con, so there were plenty in the audience paraded up for the gentlemen to see. Tragically for all the and, neither really has time to check the boards.

"I've never really had fans before ... And then to have like no fans and then Moonlight fans, it's quite a transition for me," Alex said. "I think the fact that we're still on the air is due to you guys, really."

Josef's lady love, Sara, will not be back this season, but Jason wasn't sure that the actress had been cast for a speaking role. There is a future storyline which involves her, though she won't be back by episode 16.

As for the main romance of the series, Alex truly believes that Mick and Beth will "seal the deal" "I think that they are going to do that. The thing is, we haven't shot 16 in its entirety and you know, I'm pretty sure they are going to but, yes I think they are going to."


Anonymous said...

I am soooooo jealous of the lucky fans who got to go see our guys in person. I live about an hour away from where they film and I might as well be in Australia :-) It is hard to be so close yet so far.

After what was just revealed here, I doubt I will get any sleep until April 25---it sounds incredible. Mick/Beth,Josef, it is all soooo yummy! Moonlight forever and----a million kisses to Alex!

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I'm feeling guilty. Poor Alex having to put up with *Moonlight* fans, who are obsessive, obsessed, and fairly insane--sort of the way Mick describes his intense affair with Coraline. I might just keep my fandom to myself from now on (after the blood drive, of course).

Anonymous said...

The next episode sounds amazing - and so emotional. I wonder if Mick was abit nervous about Josef turning him back , given Josefs past history in turning people ie Sara!! Also why was Beth staying for a sleep over if he was upstairs in the freezer and she downstairs in the bed?? Maybe she had too much to drink over dinner??