Friday, April 18, 2008

My recap of tonight's Moonlight episode ~ The Mortal Cure #1x12

Recap of Moonlight's repeat episode tonight ~ The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12). I can not think of any other tv series we watch that makes me feel like I got my money's worth as Moonlight does.

It is soooooooooo wonderful to see our show back where it belongs!


Mick still tries to reach out to Beth. He is so sweet. I know she is grieving and feeling guilty because of her emotional affair with Mick, but I hated how cold she was to his attempt. "You did everything humanly possible."

I think Beth was quick to jump to the conclusion that Josh was having an affair with Celeste because it would assuage her own guilt. This is also an example of the story changing from the spoilers that come out. Originally, Celeste was written to be helping Josh investigate Mick and Vampyres. In the finished product, she morphed into his jeweler. Side note ~ did anyone else think that was pretty personal service? My jeweler doesn't meet me for dinner.

Laughed when Coraline's friend, Cynthia, and Mick are sniffing each other through the hotel room door.

Josef is back ~ and he forgot his shirt! YEA! Mmmmmm.... All the boys on Moonlight are so hunky. Josef was just trying to help Mick relieve some stress by offering him a willing freshie massage. :>

Beth finally comes to Mick. How tender did he sound when he said "Come here" to her. As usual, Alex conveys so much with just two words, his expression and body language. No matter how Beth treated him or made him feel, he is instantly there for her.

She doesn't know what her answer would have been to Josh asking her to marry him. Accepting that may have been what allowed her to seek out Mick.

Mick wants to be human so badly. The look of hope & excitement on his face when Coraline gives him the "cure." We knew he hated being a vamp, but that look really brought it home. Human again, if only for a brief time, after 55 years. Can't even imagine!

I also laughed at the way Alex says his line "you ate food!" to Coraline.

Mick ~ You once told me you were giving me the greatest gift by turning me" Coraline ~ "That was a long time ago, Mick"
Mick ~ "Yea, but what's happened? Why this sudden interest in becoming mortal?"
Coraline ~ "I wanted to feel life again. And, maybe love can't exist without mortality."

Jason Butler Harner was scary good as Lance. I wouldn't want to be on his bad side!

Lance's hand immediately healed when burned. As I wrote previously, I think we now know how Coraline survived the fire.

"I think Beth is starting to like me. She didn't stab me this time" ~ Coraline. Hahaha.....

So, the Reign of Terror was actually a Vampire genocide. They definitely do not tell you everything in history books. We learn that the cure is indeed temporary and is linked to the French Revolution. The French royal family were all Vampires. During the Reign of Terror, they used the cure to pass as human & avoid being killed.

Coraline turned Mick without permission and then stole the "cure" for him ~ both brought on the family wrath. Lance is so invincible & he is the errand boy for whoever he's taking her to ~ yikes! I would not want to be Coraline. She surrendered to this scary fate in exchange for Lance not killing Mick.

While watching this, I wondered if a future episode might revolve around Mick trying to rescue Coraline.

A bit about Mick's fight scenes......... When Lance first corners Coraline at the lab, Mick is looking on. Instead of allowing Coraline to be taken, Mick intervenes... and is beaten badly by the much older & more powerful vamp. Later, he comes to her rescue again by fighting Lance WHILE HE IS HUMAN. Not good for our Mick. :( It is obvious that he is on the verge of being killed. Equally obvious is the fact that he knew he couldn't hope to defeat Lance as a mortal. However, Mick is not the kind of man who can stand by and watch even tho the odds are completely against him. I loved how he still staked Lance's sidekick with flair as a human!

Mick pigging out was priceless! Exactly what I would do in his place :) FOOD!

Why is Beth wearing Josh's engagement ring? Hopefully, it was just a sign of respect. If I were her, I would return it to his family since it was his grandmother's ring.

"Are you human?" Even with the pain, it feels amazing to Mick.

Mick tells Beth Coraline is gone ~ that it is over ~ and was never meant to be. Beth says she kinda knows what he means. Hmmmmm....

There is that dreamy Alex/Mick commercial for the return of new episodes next week. It was a shortened version of the promo we hold so dear, but still delicious :>


Anonymous said...

There was a very pretty song in tonight's episode. The only lyric I can remember is "I don't want to live without you." It was sung by a female artist. Any idea about the song title and artist?

Anonymous said...

There was a very pretty song in tonight's episode. It was sung by a female artist and the only lyrics I can recall are "I don't want to live without you." Any idea as to the song title and artist?