Friday, April 11, 2008

Our final Keep It Dark Friday ~ and ~ Moonlight episodes back on CBS site

This is our last Keep It Dark Friday! Woo Woo! Only one week until Moonlight returns with a rebroadcast of The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12) on April 18th. And, only two weeks until NEW episodes begin with Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) on April 25th. We've made it this far, we can last another 7 days, right?

More good news......... CBS has finally posted full episodes for viewing on their official Moonlight website! They have made the following available for viewing ~ Fleur De Lis (episode #1x09), Sleeping Beauty (episode #1x10), Love Lasts Forever (episode #1x11) and The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12). You can find them by clicking on "Video." I've already been streaming cuz I couldn't wait. :>

New Moonlight fans will now be able to catch up on the last few episodes before diving into the upcoming four fresh ones.

Keep It Dark Campaign
Friday nights until Moonlight returns on April 18th
7:00 to 9:00 pm Central & Mountain
8:00 to 10:00 pm Eastern & Pacific
Watching full episodes online

Thanks to MoonMaiden for the lovely banner :)


YankeeHorses said...

I trust you are aware that CBS has taken the streaming video down AGAIN!

Moonlight said...

Hiya Yankeehorses ~

Actually, the Moonlight videos are still available for streaming. Instead of placing them under "Full Episodes" where they used to be, CBS has posted them under "Video." :)

XO ~

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