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Tiny Spoilers ~ Maddy's wonderful interview with Alex O'Loughlin

The lovely Maddy is at it again. She interviewed Alex O'Loughlin for BlogCritics Magazine. How wonderful to read that she also finds him to be charming and intelligent. There is a bit of spoilery info in the article. She mentions that the way Mick becomes a Vampire again is cool, but doesn't say how it happens. We know how from previous spoilers.... and it is really cool :)

An Interview with Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin

by CallmeMaddy

Charming. That is really the only way I can describe Alex O'Loughlin after sitting down with him for an interview. He chooses every word carefully and there really is something very poetic about his diction and rhetoric. It's no wonder almost every single female fan of Moonlight has a crush on him.

When Alex first heard about Moonlight, he groaned. A vampire that was a P.I.? Not very original, so he wasn't too excited about it. But now he realizes the show is so much more than that. It really is, too. I felt the exact same way as Alex, but my twin is a huge fan, so I gave it a chance.

Tiny Spoilers

Moonlight, rated second highest of new shows and winner of a People's Choice Award, returns April 25 with four new episodes, four weeks in a row. Alex isn't very good at keeping secrets, so I know that the new episodes are going to rock (not to mention I saw them filming an episode). Expect to see some 1940s flashbacks (which is why Alex is dressed in a World War II army outfit and his hair is gelled in the photo). One of the really cool plot points is how Mick becomes a vampire again (I mean, honestly, it's a show about vampires, so, of course, he'll be a vampire again).

The cool part is how he becomes a vampire. Also, expect a fight scene (okay, many fight scenes) like when Mick and Josef (Jason Dohring, whom Blogcritics interviewed) beat up some villians in the opener on the 25th. Due to the fact that Mick is always getting in fights and destroying his clothes, Alex has eight of every shirt he wears, two for the stunt double and six for himself. Alex does a lot of his own stunts, more in the first 12 episodes though. He loves to be involved in the choreography of this "dance;" he finds it exhilarating.

Mick and Josef follow different paths in life. Mick uses his vampire powers for good, helping people, whereas Josef just lives the high life; he watches his wealth grow and sees how many girls he can get. When asked if he were to become a vampire, would he be more like Mick or Josef, Alex said he would be a combination of the two. He would switch back and forth between taking the good route or the bad route.

His character, Mick, has a romance going on with Beth (Sophia Myles). Alex compares them to Romeo and Juliet. He's not sure if he wants to see them get together finally, pointing out it that would take away all of the tension between the two. He did make it perfectly clear, however, that although he and Sophia sometimes have 20-hour work days, he was not interested in her romantically. Although the two have things in common (like they were both born outside the U.S.), they have their separate lives.

Alex was a fan of the vampire genre before the show, saying he was enamored by them. He was especially fascinated by the idea of a vampire's immortality. The idea that vampires just lived forever intrigued him. As a kid, he would always lie awake at night and look up at the stars and realize they would go on forever and forever. That would keep him awake at night, because he just couldn't sleep; he was too busy thinking about the stars. The concept of infinity just brought him back to immortality.

Alex said vampires are a lot like cats. They have similar characteristics, like their sense of smell. When asked if he owned a cat that he could use for inspiration, he responded, jokingly, "No, but, you know, I know cats though. I can borrow a friend's cat."

Alex knew he would be an actor at age 2 or 3. Or so his grandmother, 93, told him. She said that he told her at age 2 or 3 that he would be an actor. Alex does not remember this. He did a few plays in elementary school, but it wasn't his main focus. The real decision was made when he was 19, and his friend, Steve, took him aside and said, "You better pursue acting or you should be ashamed."

Alex loves how proactive Moonlight fans really are. Fans are giving blood to keep the show on. Alex loves that and wants to be an American Red Cross spokesman. Alex loves his fans, but he still finds it overwhelming. Moonlight is his first lead and its audience constitutes his biggest fan base.

Alex's biggest fear is people. The idea of what humans are capable of scares him.

Alex is extremely sweet. I asked him for an autograph for my twin sister, and he actually went back to his trailer to get a picture for her. And, coming from the girl who knows all the spoilers, his show is a must-see.

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