Sunday, April 20, 2008

Report from the Moonlight Panel at the NY Comic Con

A great report from the Moonlight panel at the NY Comic Con. Empress Eve, from Geeks of Doom's site, had never even heard of it until today. Read what she has to say about Moonlight fans. I am so proud!

Note ~ David Greenwalt is actually no longer with the show.

NYCC: ‘Moonlight’ Panel

Hey, do you guys know about a television show on CBS called Moonlight?

Because before today, I certainly didn’t. Then I saw the massive amounts of diehard fans of the show who were waiting to get into the IGN Theater at the New York Comic Con this morning, I figured I’d check out the Moonlight panel to see what all the fuse was about.

Let me start off by saying thanks to these fans of this supernatural vampire drama, most of whom can be found on the Moonlight Fans board, for educating me about the series before the event started. You guys certainly got my attention!

I also must mention that after sitting through panel after panel at the Con on Friday and Saturday, none of the fan reaction compares in intensity to the Moonlight crowd. It’s rivaled possibly only by The X-Files crowd, but it’s a too close to call.

As I mentioned before, I’ve never even heard of the show; I don’t know what it’s about, or who stars in it. Luckily, the panel began with a 12-minute clip of highlights from Moonlight, which gave me a good idea about the show, and I must admit, I liked what I saw.

And guess who’s in it? One Jason Dohring who played Logan on Veronica Mars. Awesome! He plays Josef Kostan, an over 400-year-old vampire who is the friend and mentor to the show’s star, newcomer Alex O’Loughlin.

Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin, who bares a striking resemblance to Hugh Jackman, stars as Mick St. John, a private investigator who was turned into a vampire by his bride Coraline on their wedding night over fifty years ago.

Also starring in the show is Sophia Myles (High School Confidential), as the human Beth Turner, an internet reporter who’s St. John’s love interest, and Shannyn Sossamon (One Missed Call) as Coraline Duvall, St. John’s former wife and creator.

In the clip, I noticed a few familiar faces in the supporting cast, too, and after doing some research on the show, I see that the executive producers are Joel Silver and David Greenwalt, co-creator of Angel.

Moonlight has yet to be picked up for a second season, and there’s still four more episodes for the first season to be aired starting April 25, 2008. Apparently, this series was a victim of the writers’ strike, so it’s uncertain if it will return. People from CBS were in attendance at the panel, so if they pay attention to the fans, I’d think the show will return.

But there’s always the chance that Moonlight might go the way of cult favorites like Firefly and Jericho. Thought, instead of 20 tons of peanuts, CBS might get gallons of blood.

By the way, most of the Q&A session involved questions like “What color are your eyes?” and the like, but for fans who couldn’t make it to the Con for this, there was one question everyone in attendance wanted to know the answer to: Will Mick and Beth coming to seal the deal?

O’Loughlin’s response: “I think that they are going to do that.”

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