Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spoiler ~ New CBS Moonlight Video ~ Vampire to Human

Spoiler Alert! This sneak peek promo shows scenes from Moonlight's next new episode, Fated to Pretend (#1x13), which will air this Friday, April 25th.

CBS has just released a new Moonlight video ~ Vampire to Human. "Mick enjoys the simple pleasures of human life"

It shows the polished version of the unedited scenes we saw a few days ago of Mick's morning routine..... shirtless Alex, waking up, brushing his teeth and so on. Now, instead of hearing a crew member saying "alarm" & reciting his lines, we get to hear Mick's voiceover.

This video is extended so that we see more footage from Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13). Mick driving in that sexy Mercedes convertible with the top down during the day! You know he must be enjoying that after all these years with the top down only at night. We also see him arriving at the beach, wolfing down a hot dog, getting looks from the girls on his way to meeting Beth. It appears that this will be the opening sequence that we see when Moonlight returns Friday.

Music used is the song Shine by Shannon Noll.... who happens to be Australian too.


Anonymous said...

It looks like that is going to be the opening scene for the new episode. Love how he says he doesn't feel like he's 85 as he checks out the hot chicks at the beach and smiles!!

Anonymous said...

How good is Alex??? Even the voiceover is lighterhearted, happier sounding. All the nuance we know he is capable of with his facial expression & body language he is also able to put into a simple voice over. I know you all probably watched this a zillion times already... next time (if you didn't already) notice how different this voiceover his from is usual ones as a vamp.

Terrific stuff, Kandye as usual.

Who can wait for Friday???? Not me!!!

cobby said...

Yup, he's one hell of a man......my favorite line was about the hot dogs, "nobody knows what's in them, but I'm a vampire, what do I care", LOVE IT!!

I'm so excited about Fri I can't sleep or think about anything else!