Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spoilers ~ Behind the scenes video interviews with Moonlight's cast


This video is of Seat42f's behind the scenes interviews with Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin, Jason Dohring, Sophia Myles and Eric Winter. I really love chats that take place on the set. It is super cool to see them filming what we are gonna soon be watching on tv :)

Lots of spoilers! Our first look at the wicked fight scene with vamped out Mick and Josef working together to battle the bad vamps. *cheer*

Sophia ~ "The ladies are gonna love this episode cuz the first time you see Mick and Beth they're having a picnic down on the beach in Malibu. And, Beth looks up to see Mick striding towards her, along the sand, with his shirt open. So, it's great!" Yes, Sophia.... we do kinda like that *wink*

Alex ~ "They haven't consummated yet, it's very close"

You know that I'm an action/adventure girl who gets a little too riled up by the vamped out scenes. hehehehe..... This will be our first time to see Josef in full Vampire makeup and fighting!

Alex ~ "I've got a big fight scene. I've gotta kick some ass. I have to! It's my duty as a Vampire private investigator. It's the only way I can save my Beth. So, I'm coming in to get my girl."

My Beth, my girl.... awwwwwwww... I like how Alex says that.

Jason ~ "We kinda come in in this scene and Butch Cassidy Sundance Kid kind of tear some ass up."

Sophia ~ "It's a thrill ride." As Mick would say, It's a giant thrill ride that never ends!


Rachelle said...

Loved how Alex (speaking for Mick, of course) referred to Beth as
"My Beth" and "My girl". lol

cobby said...

Alex saying "my Beth" seemed a little forced to me, like he didn't want to say it!? but when he said "my girl", then I got a good vibe. I was a little disappointed with the sounding of "my Beth". But he's my man anyway. It probably would have sounded better to me if he said, "my Cobby"....only in my dreams!!! xoxo

Deborah said...

The excitement is mounting! I loved what Alex said, "They (Mick/Beth) haven't consummated yet, it's very close" & called Beth, "My Beth" & "My girl". (thud)!!

With the great action scenes, Mick eating a hotdog, drinking beer, walking around the beach bare chested, and hot Mick/Beth kissing scenes, Ep. 13 is going to be the "best thrill ride" for us fans.

Thanks again, Kandye, for this wonderful interview. Keep the good news coming. We fans are always greedy for news of Moonlight/Alex.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. This is making me more and more excited, OMG!!! It looks really intense. Alex response to if they will seal the deal. "It's very close" Oh My!!!! I liking the sound of that. and of course loved when he said "My Beth" and "My Girl" AWWW!!!what a guy!! *sigh* 2 more days..YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

God bless 'em. I love the actors on this show. I love how they are willing to speak to the fans and how they interview. All the humor. The action. The open shirt....ouch! Just stapled myself. Rule #1: never use a stapler while watching Mick St. John without his shirt!