Saturday, April 12, 2008

SPOILER PHOTOS ~ Mick St John & Beth Turner's kiss in CBS ad for Moonlight's return


Couldn't resist capturing screenshots of Mick St John and Beth Turner's kiss from the CBS promo commercial for Moonlight's return! The photos are not the best quality, but after all this discussion we had to have them :> Several people were worried that Beth might be kissing ADA Talbot instead of Mick. See for yourself!

Click on the caps above for bigger photographs.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how some people thought it was Talbot is kissing Beth. I don't think Beth would be that kind of a person to fall for this guy on the first meeting and he wouldn't dare kiss her, knowing that Beth has something with Mick. I had no doubt in my mind it was Mick kissing Beth when I watched it. It didn't even look like the new guy. I think the kiss happens after Mick rescues Beth from the bad vamp and his goons.

Talbot kissing Beth would be a totally turn off. Like when Beth was kissing Josh in LLF.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up just who was kissing Beth. Thank God it was Mick. I think it probably is after Mick rescues Beth as she looks abit of a wreck, which means he is already a vamp again and he won't let things go any further. Remember he says in the next episode "we had something once, but its over now".

Anonymous said...

You know what's funny about the line "We us to have something, but now it's over" excuse me, when did they ever have something. To begin with Beth had Josh,so there wasn't much of a relationship between Mick and Beth, it was more an emotional one between them, and Mick always pushed her away. Then Josh died, and Beth layed on the blame on Mick for not saving him, they drifted further apart. I don't think he is going to push her away this time, remember he was about to tell her how he feels about her in LLF so, I don't think it's that. Maybe it might be Beth, who is going to push Mick away. OH GOD!!! I hope not. Something's got to give with these 2. I think what happens in episode 14 is that Mick is undercover posing as security to the actress and Beth is supposedly undercover to, but there cases somehow are connected so to not make people get suspicious of them they have to pretend that what they had its over so they can work separate, but in reality they are still together. Listen it has to be a good episode, it from the same writers who wrote B.C. and that eppy was steaming HOT!!!! shower scene..