Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SPOILER Video ~ CBS EyeLab releases new promo for Moonlight's April 25th return


Don't watch this video if you don't wanna know what's gonna happen! CBS EyeLab has just released a new video to promote Moonlight's April 25th return. Lots of Alex O'Loughlin! The preview clip combines some of the Mick St John footage we have already seen with new scenes.

Since we first saw "the kiss" in the CBS tv commercial, there has been tons of discussion about that ~ does Mick kiss Beth for a change? is it before or after the rescue? where does it happen? In this promo, we get a longer version of the MickBeth kiss. Oooooooooo my......... It looks like they are having one of their talks. Beth starts to walk away, but Mick grabs her & kisses her! *swoon*

Josef ~ You sealed the deal yet?
Mick ~ It isn't about sex.
Josef ~ Of course, it's about sex. Everything's about sex.
I love Josef ;>


cobby said...

Is it possible for this guy to get any HOTTER!!!Ouch......

I'm a love sick puppy and I want to put out of my misery....someone pls shoot me!!!

"Apparently 'the high' is us"....
damn right it is.

Jude said...

You know, this is getting ridiculous. I've never felt this way about a series before. I have to get my taxes done, but I just spent 10 minutes watching that video over and over and over and over....

Anonymous said...

"I'm under your spell - you've got me begging you for mercy" - you can say that again. This show is HOT, he is HOT!! How on earth can Beth resist - that is not natural! I agree with Cobby - someone shoot me and put me out of my misery!

micksgirl24 said...


Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining - but these scenes with Mick being a human seem so "Un-Mick-like". I do prefer him as dark, brooding and mysterious. Now he is just "one of the guys"!! However human Mick is definately HOT, HOT, HOT!! I'm definately under his spell.

Anonymous said...

I am spending all my nights fantasizing about this guy! Ummm-what I wouldn't do for just one night with----Mick OR Alex. I could live happily with the memories forever. Since that is unlikely to happen, :-( , I will just have to pretend to be Beth and live vicariously through her. *Sigh*

You know, we complained about how poorly CBS had been promoting Moonlight---well, in my book, they have more than made up for it these past 2 weeks! 10 days and counting---can I stand it?

Anonymous said...

HOT HOT HOT!!. I agree with cobby too..please shoot me NOW!! :(. I go around thinking about a tv show..all day long. That can't be happening to me :S.
Wonderful promo...*drools*

Thanks again !

Mila from Norway ;)

TexasBlondie said...

Guillermo is back!!! Yeah! I love him and Mick together. I am glad to see his vampire friends are still his friends after he becomes human.

cobby said...

ANONYMOUS: about Mick being happy...that's part of his wanting to be human which is the "state" he prefers being in. I also love the dark, brooding, self-loathing Mick...but that just goes to show you what a wonderful actor he is....he can portray ANYTHING.

Deborah said...

The last CBS commercial sent me to cloud 9, but this CBS EyeLab video definitely sent me to "heaven"!! I
lost count how many times I have viewed this mesmerizing video. I have tears in my eyes when I saw all the Mick/Beth moments, especially with the kiss Mick planted on Beth!

Alex just takes my breath away. I don't know how I am going to react when I actually get to see him in person this Sunday at the Comic Con. I may need a medic to revive me!

The Moonlight drought is definitely over. Kandye, you certainly have lifted up our spirit in the past few months with all the up-to-date information about Moonlight/Alex & the gang. Thank you with all my heart. Keep the good news coming.

Moonlight said...

Hey Deborah ~

How sweet! Well, you lifted my spirit today with your thoughtful note :) I am sooooooo glad the show is returning in just a matter of days, and the drought is over too. *cheer* You are most welcome to all the news. I love sharing it with everyone. I appreciate your kind words about me helping you get thru the drought. However, you have all helped ME!


My Moonlight Fan Blog

Anonymous said...

WOWZA!!!!! It should be crime to look this damn good and get away with it. "Did You Miss Me", D'uh I course we missed you and terribly. Perfect song for the ever so perfect Alex/Mick. Me and another million women are under his spell. :) I loved the promo, very HOT!!!! Loved the part when he pulls her in for the kiss, I watch the scene over and over and analyze it very carefully, can you say obssessed much..Josed has the best oneliners, "Have you sealed the deal" , Mick: It's not about the sex. Josef: of course it about sex, it's always about sex, LOL. Yay!! for Guillermo is back. Is it normal to be this obssessed about a show. It's all I think about 24/7,my work is piling up. Thanks Kandye and Thanks CBS for giving us more and more promos..

Anonymous said...

Kandye, girl, yeah yeah yeah! Mick is back and oh yes, did we miss him! What HAS this man done to us? Obsessed, enthralled, smitten and wishin' we were bitten.
Thank you again for all the videos and news and sneak peaks and more peaks of Moonlight for all these long weeks.