Monday, April 14, 2008

SPOILER Video ~ Sneak peek of Mick & Beth's donut scene from Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13)


This sneak peek video is of Mick and Beth's donut eating scene from Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13). You may remember Sophia Myles referencing this sequence in the interview about celebrating her birthday on Moonlight's set. I like seeing the humor they are including in the storyline. Mick is so excited about getting to have the snack. The poor guy hasn't had a donut since 1952 after all. As I have said before, Mick is lucky that he has such a vigorous exercise routine cuz he is making up for lost time with the food. *grin* Beth ~ "Two words - Krispy Kreme." David Blue hinted to me that he was part of this scene.... and there is our Logan analyzing the "diet donuts."


Anonymous said...

How adorable is he?? I could just eat him up. I can relate to Mick in this scene..I have an allergy to gluten, hence haven't had a donut for about 10 years and about 2 months ago I just couldn't resist and had a "Krispy Kream". I almost died and went to heaven!!

Deborah said...

I laughed every time I watched this video. Mick was simply hilarious when he grabbed that donut out of the box! Yes, he certainly deserve to eat up after all those years.

It just occurred to me that judging from the scene, Logan must have known that Mick was not a vampire being the fact that he was able to eat a donut. He may also know about the temporary cure. I wonder how Logan feels about it.

Thanks, Kandye, for putting a smile on my face. Keep feeding us happy news. You are the best.

TexasBlondie said...

Krispy Kreme - too funny!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!I laughed so hard, my co-worker thought I was nuts. How adorable are Mick and Beth in this scene. Beth: "how long as it been since you had a donut? Mick...pauses........1952, OMG!! funny. Beth. "2 words, Crispy Creme" priceless. That was funny. I hope they keep that scene in. We need some laughs.

cobby said...

Kandye, what I find so remarkable about Alex is his acting ability. In the last 3 videos put out by CBS, "the donut one", the "beach one" and "did you miss me"....where he is human is.....he's completely turned Mick around from being brooding, hateful to himself & a lighthearted happy person, in his body language and his facial expressions. It's so wonderful to see that part of Mick. We only caught a small glimpse of it at the end of Sleeping Beauth.

I love him terribly... it's a shame.

Anonymous said...

I am grinning like an idiot behind my puter screen at work. I keep getting looks- like "what are you doing back there?"
I'm getting my Mick Fix! And it sure puts a smile on my face!

Anonymous said...

I almost died laughing when I saw this, and nearly fell out of my chair!! Eight more days until Moonlight, I wonder I can survive waiting that long.