Monday, April 14, 2008

SPOILER Video ~ Part 2 of Alex O'Loughlin's interview on Moonlight's set

SPOILER ALERT! Again! hahahaha....

This video is part 2 of Daemon TV's behind the scenes interview with Alex O'Loughlin. There is no big reveals of plot from the upcoming new episodes. However, he chats with them on the set dressed as Flashback Mick St John which I know some consider even knowing that we will see scenes from his Army service to be a spoiler. I know others of you who just HATE to see him in a uniform ~ *wink* I love hearing him talk to us with his native Australian accent.

When this was filmed, they were obviously shooting episode #1x15 ~ What's Left Behind.

In the recap for Love Lasts Forever (episode #1x11), I observed that it must have been incredibly difficult for Mick when he was trying to save Josh's life. Mick had been shot, was out in the sun and surrounded by all that blood ~ not to mention the emotional toll of Josh being Beth's boyfriend. It is nice to hear Alex refer back to that moment in this interview while discussing blood in Mick's life before & after becoming a Vampire.

Actors often give their characters a backstory to find a connection and help their performance. Normally, we don't get to hear those details. So far, we have found out a few things from Alex about the story he has given Mick. This time, it is that he imagines Mick may have studied blood. That perhaps he has more scientific knowledge of it than the average vamp.

"He doesn't kill for pleasure........ anymore" That made me giggle!

Part 1 of this interview showed Alex answering whether he would be more like Josef of Mick. That is included in this video too.


Anonymous said...

This interview was great---but you have to see one of his older interviews which, after this interview is over, and they show other clips along the bottom of this clip, go to the very next clip. It is an Access Hollywood interview obviously done while they were filming B.C.. It lasts a little over 4 minutes and Alex is adorable in it. But the BEST part comes at the very end when he is talking about nudity on the show and the interviewer (female) asks him if HE does some nudity. He says yes and soon after she asks if we would see some "butt". He says you might see some booty and she says "That would be nice!" He laughs his head off and she says "Did I just say that?" He flirts and says how would you know,and the flirty look in his eyes will melt you. Then she has the scene cut. Even she, a professional, got caught in his spell!You gotta see it---it is fantastic and shows us a much more relaxed and laughing Alex. I am in love with this man---don't tell my husband!

Moonlight said...

Hi Anonymous ~

Alex's Access Hollywood interview is my absolute favorite! In fact, it was one of my first posts on this blog :) I wrote that, even tho Laura Saltman interviews people for a living, she is clearly "captivated by his charm."

Oooooo.... and... your secret's safe with us! *wink*

XO ~

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