Thursday, April 10, 2008

SPOILERS for Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata (episode #1x16)

Spoiler Alert!

Spoilers for Moonlight's season one finale ~ Sonata (episode #1x16) ~ Script subject to change

Several of our producers have said that since Moonlight is about "Vampires that live among us" we will see more vamps in every day life on the show. That happens in this episode.... college students, attorneys, financial planners, stock brokers, etc.

Mick and Beth are working together again. This time, they are investigating the death of a human stock broker named Vince. He has ties to the Vampire nation, including Josef... although he may have been unaware they are vamps. AND.... Vince apparently had sex with a vamp right before being killed.

In fact, we hear about quite a lot of mortal/vamp sex in this episode. Mick questions a college student. I remember those days ~ up all night/sleep all day. :> That is a good cover for a Vampyre. The vamp student even says that to Mick....40 years & 10 degrees. She also mentions that the drunk frat boys have no idea when a hickey is not a hickey. ( The ones I know wouldn't care anyway! ) Then, she & Mick have the following exchange.... Mick ~ "No one notices the puncture wounds on their necks?" Student ~ "That's not the artery I go for." Mick ~ "Oh" WOW! *grin*

Ada Talbot goes to an event at his university in a tuxedo. Does Beth accompany him?

Beth has a conversation with a Vampiress, Emma, who took a mortal as her lover. She turned him so that they could be together forever. Beth is curious if it worked. Emma tells her that she and Jackson have been together for 150 years. She says he "felt like home." Beth thinks that "she has her own someone like this." Then she says "he made you feel safe."

It is obvious that Beth is thinking of Mick. The Emma & Jackson relationship gives her a glimpse of the opposite outcome of Josef & Sara turning (Sleeping Beauty episode #1x10), which left her shaken.

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