Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SPOILERS ~ More information about Moonlight's next episodes

A bit more spoiler info is drifting out for Moonlight's four new episodes. Sooooo exciting!


Rumor has it that sometime during Moonlight's four new episodes we will be introduced to an old friend of Mick's. Apparently, it will be someone he was close friends with in the Army during WWII. You would be worried that someone from Mick's past could cause problems when they see that he has not aged a day. Not this pal tho..... he supposedly will also still appear to be in his 20's/30's! Wow! I am dying to know what happens. Is Mick's friend a Vampire too? If so.... when/how did that happen? and who is his sire?!?

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!sounds awesome. I love to know more about Mick's WWII days. Nice to know he will have another friend. Is is just me, or is Moonlight moving into a whole new direction. From reading spoilers from 13 14 15 they sound amazing. Can't wait. How many more days 20 something......