Friday, May 16, 2008

Alex O'Loughlin on much deserved vacation

We have all been worried about Alex. He exhausted himself working on Moonlight only to be blindsided by news of its cancelation. Lots of you have asked if he is really taking a much needed vacation, so I wanted to pass this on to you. By the way.... this photo they used for the article is an old one.

Yea, we all know that another studio will snatch up what CBS carelessly threw away!

Alex O'Loughlin, Holly Valance holiday in Mexico

AUSSIE actor Alex O'Loughlin dealt with the news that he was out of a job in the best possible way - he went on holiday to Mexico with his glamorous girlfriend, Holly Valance.

The pair left Los Angeles on Thursday for a two-week getaway, following the axing of O'Loughlin's US vampire show, Moonlight.

Issues behind the scenes and flagging ratings were cited as possible reasons for the decision, however O'Loughlin's agent, Nathan Morris, of June Cann Management, is confident O'Loughlin will not be unemployed for long.

"He has got a whole raft of things to read through - a role like this has definitely opened plenty of doors," Morris said.

"The key is to strike while the iron is hot."

Source : Australian Courier Mail


Anonymous said...

i am happy that he is relaxing. i hope if moonlight does get on another network i hope he will come back.

Deborah said...

Glad to learn that Alex is finally on a much deserved vacation in Mexico.

I am still shocked & saddened by the cancellation of my beloved Moonlight. One positive thing comes out of this unfair situation is that Alex is in demand now due to the exposure he had in Moonlight. It is CBS's lost for killing Moonlight & letting Alex go. With Alex's exemplary acting talent, I have no doubt that many offers will be pouring in. I, for one, will be following Alex's career path to stardom.

Thank you, Kandye, for all your hard work. Your dedication in keeping us abreast of all the Moonlight news is most appreciated. You have brought joy into my life as much as Moonlight/Alex did. Will you be keeping your site on so that I can find future news about Alex, Sophia & Jason? I am sure many of the other Moonlight fans would want that, too.

Lyn said...

I am afraid this may mean good news for Alex but bad news for Moonlight. If he has other tempting offers he may wish to move on despite any opportunities to move Moonlight to a new home.

I wish we had news of Jason & Sophia.

micksladylove said...

I am glad he is resting,I just know when he comes back,the show will get picked up ,you cant put a good vampire down or his armyof fans,we love him.

Anonymous said...

God, he needed this so badly. I'm glad he's taking some time off to relax in an area that isn't nearly as hectic as his home in LA. I'm glad he's got a bunch of offers, however, I hope he's open should a network pick up the show. I'd hate to see him move on to something just as the show is given its second chance (although whatever he does, Lord knows I'll watch it!).

cobby said...

Glad he's on holiday...and hopefully he is starting to recoup from the blindsided cancellation. I have been terribly worried about him. Also concerned about Sophia and Jason. (do you have any news about them besides she is in England and Jason is in a golf tourney).

I am just now starting to focus in on what happened on the blackest day of my life..Tues "cancellation day".

I sincerely appreciate his letter to his fans, however, it still breaks my heart when I read it. Sometimes I think I'm getting stronger about the situation then I foolishly read his letter again and my and his pain start all over again..I still cry. His last sentence tears me up completely, "And I am so, so sorry to my very core, to lose MOONLIGHT". And if the call he got was as simple as, "my services are no longer needed on the set" CBS should be ashamed of their careless handling of the announcement.

Kandye, I know he is not taking calls or reading ANYTHING, but do you know where we can send him a letter to show our support to tell him how WE FEEL TOWARDS HIM, what he did for us through MOONLIGHT, etc. I just have to tell him how I feel or I will never get better. From his letter I sense he is an extremely sensitive man and I think we, all his women fans, knew that.


Anonymous said...

woudn't it be awful if Alex signs up for something else and then Moonlight is picked up on another network and they had to replace him! Please tell me that couldn't happen.

Mila said...

I'm glad he's relaxing and having a good time after all the drama from CBS and the cancelation of the show.
I think Alex is a great actor, he's going to be busy in no time. He's too good to be unemployed for long!

I'm going to be following Alex's career from now on...but he will always be My Mick ;)

Anonymous said...

deborah said: "Thank you, Kandye, for all your hard work. Your dedication in keeping us abreast of all the Moonlight news is most appreciated. You have brought joy into my life as much as Moonlight/Alex did. Will you be keeping your site on so that I can find future news about Alex, Sophia & Jason?"
I concur. Will you be keeping the site up? And thank you for all you've done.
Good for you Alex. Enjoy your holiday! you deserve it. Jason is playing golf for 3 days in my state, SC. I've found pics of him on the BMW golf tournament.

Moonlight said...

Thank you Deborah, KissMeMick and all! You don't know how much your messages mean to me.... especially considering what has been happening with our beloved Moonlight lately.

To answer your questions, I plan to keep the blog going. I can't imagine not doing it & hearing from you :) I'll be here! We will want to follow the careers of our amazing cast, right?

Of course, I'll also still be doing my Alex O'Loughlin blog.

You can't get rid of me that easily *wink*


Anonymous said...


If Alex and Holly left on Thursday for Mexico, do you know if they made it to the Breast Cancer event on Thursday night? Or was Alex in too much emotional pain to attend, and they decided to go to Mexico instead?

Anonymous said...

God, they were so stupid to cancel the show. Everyone loves it, and it would have made so much money. I'm glad that he is taking a vacation though, he is a great actor, and he deserves one.