Friday, May 16, 2008

Calling CBS this morning

I phoned the CBS Moonlight demo phone line... ( 818 ) 655-1779.... to see if the box had been emptied yet this morning. As of 8:15 AM Central Time, it was still full. Next, I called Audience Services ( 212 ) 975-4545. The operator I spoke to was friendly. She said "we have a California number set up for Moonlight calls" and gave me the demo line info. Her advice was to wait until after 9:00 AM Pacific to give them time to clear the voicemail messages. I say.... just keep calling until you get through. This is very important! They will stop logging calls at 6:00 PM Eastern today!

UPDATE ~ as of 9:30 AM Central, the demo line mailbox has been cleared. Calls are going through now!


dumblonde said...

For clarification... Are you telling us the number we should call after 9AM Cali time is (818) 655-1779?

Are we supposed to tell them we want Moonlight back on CBS or plead for them to push for it to air on another network?

Electra333 said...

I called from work this morning (around 9:15 AM) and got through without any problem. They want City and State information as well as your age. Come on Moolight Fans Call now! The lines are open until 6 PM Pacific time.

Tina said...

I called and left a message on the voicemail, but I just have a sinking feeling that this is all done in vain.

I think they've effectively staked the vampire, so to speak. :(

CT said...

I tired calling this number at 11:20 PST the mailbox is full and unable to leave a message. Will try later - way to go fans!

kittykat58 said...

I just got the bad news that Moonlight has been cancelled-I knew that it was hanging by a thread-but knowing that it had many diehard fans-i was hoping for the best. Not only does Alex's good looks and his charisma put other supposed TV hunks to shame, the show itself was creative, exciting and fun to watch. THE only hour show on that i look forward to or worth my time. I record it and watch it over and over and it never gets old.There is so much crap on these days-The only thing that gives me some comfort is knowing that Alex will go on to perhaps bigger things-He is destined for greatness and a long career. I will not give up hope on the show though...why is it that only the good die young?