Friday, May 16, 2008

SPOILER ~ Promo photos for Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata (episode #1x16)

It's bittersweet Moonlight Friday! I really, really hope the ratings tonight are huge. What a perfect way to show CBS the error of their ways! This is what we are fighting for..........

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Promo photos for Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata (episode #1x16). Mick St John, Josef Kostan & Beth Turner shown at glam party! Don't they look elegant? Beth & Mick dancing together..... Awwwwwww

Just click on the photographs above for larger versions of the images.


Anonymous said...

Talk about a painful experience! I am looking forward to the show and at the same time I know I will want to cry as I watch it.I will be imagining Alex---wil he be watching it with me (I live near LA)or will it be a far too painful experience for him? You know he will be in turmoil as it is showing on TV. He obviously thought he would be celebrating a season 2 pick-up right now. What a**holes to build up the casts' hopes so high and then shoot them all in the back at the last possible minute!And poor Sophia! At least Jason and Alex have someone to cry with! Sophia has noone here because she has been FILMING HER HEART OUT on Moonlight and has not met a boyfriend and so did she pack and go back to England alone with no support out here from anyone? Kills me to think about it! Thanks Kandye for hanging in there fighting for Moonlight---we have to get them picked up somewhere! I can't stand this!

Lyn said...

...and lost her boyfriend of 2 years (David Tennent -- UK's Dr Who) because of her decision to take up a long term contract in the US.

cobby said...

I've been crying for 3 days...when I think I'm all cried out...then a thought flies into my head and it starts all over again.

I am going to savor tonight's episode, thankfully I have a DVR.

I've never enjoyed a television show as much as Moonlight..what a waste to just throw it away.

I've attached an excerpt written by a woman named Fern Hill which I copied from CBS's ML site. Her words are so eloquent I think they should be repeated and read by everyone, here it is:

"I watched because it gave me the fairytale for one hour each week--my reward for making it through all the other hours of the week.
There is so much in this world that is fleeting and dying daily, that I was drawn to the glimpse of immortality Moonlight offered. I could sit and cheer for Mick and Beth without worrying about the latest world disaster or my growing electric bill--for ONE HOUR! That's all I wanted.
And now all I can think about are these 8 million (at least--screw Nielsen) heartbeats of us fans.....

I am sad for the entire Moonlight cast, crew, and creative team. 8 MILLION HEARTBEATS WERE SOLD for a fraction of a percentage on some scale of an antiquated viewer rating system from the '80's. What a shame.
I hope some other network picks this show up--it deserves more respect from the "Powers That Be.""

Deborah said...

These splendid pictures of Mick (Alex), Beth (Sophia) & Josef (Jason) looking so glamorous have made my eyes swell up with tears again. The hurting has not stopped.

Moonlight had captivated me with the storytelling of a love relationship between a sexy vampire and a mortal. The brotherly love and friendship between two vampires, Mick and Josef, were equally intriguing, It was joyous for me to follow the adventures of these wonderful characters in Moonlight, namely, Mick, Beth and Josef. It certainly was a "giant thrill ride" for me.

CBS has made the biggest mistake in canceling this compelling and fascinating show. Out of this crap, a positive side would be that Alex is in demand with many offers due to the exposure he had as a lead in Moonlight. I have no doubt that Jason will be offered juicy roles as well. On the other hand, poor Sophia really got the worst end of it. Lyn was right. David Tennent broke up with her because she chose to move to the U.S. to work on Moonlight. Her contract was for 6 years. She loved living in LA. Of course, CBS had ruined everyone & everything by canceling our beloved show. I heard that Sophia is back home in England now. U.S. may lose another classy & talented actress like Sophia.

I know I will enjoy & savor to-night's season finale "Sonata". I will miss the chemistry between Alex, Sophia & Jason. I also know that I will be having a box of tissues by me!!

I do hope that Moonlight dvd boxed set will be available for purchase in a very near future. It will definitely be my most treasured keepsake.

Thank you, Kandye, for these beautiful pictures of Alex, Sophia & Jason.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to know how naive I am? Once the People's Choice award was won by Moonlight I breathed a sigh of relief- FINALLY I could stop worrying about the possibility of the show getting cancelled- yeah right...And of course all of the talented actors in the show will go on to do other things but what is criminal is that THIS combination of actors in THIS story is magical. I was hooked on Moonlight from episode 1- it was somehow so believable and touching and I cannot fathom not seeing the show continue............

Francesca said...

I cannot begin to say how devastated i am to be watching the last show of Moonlight...i fear that it is lost forever...i have tears in my eyes. I have been watching the old episodes on my DVR and i cannot understand how they could of cancelled this show.
I am so disappointed and disgusted in CBS..i dont think they care all they seem to care about is money.
I am really hoping that another station will pick it up. Do you think we are all just shooting in the dark kandyegirl?

Ironic today i received my Moonlight Blood Drive T-Shirt and today is the last of our Moonlight... So So Sad...i am so so upset i just dont know what to say anymore.