Monday, May 5, 2008

The Breakfast Club's audio interview with Alex O'Loughlin

Wanna wake up with Alex? Or, Mick St John? *wink* The Breakfast Club morning radio show at 94.1 KODJ in Utah did a fun little audio interview with Alex O'Loughlin. He didn't have much time & sounded sleepy. Sexy, husky voice!

Funny when the publicist catches herself about to call Alex "Mick."

A fan did get to ask him a couple of questions. One will make those of you attending the Moonlight Convention sad tho. Alex says he will not be able to come to the con. :( Sounds like he will be off promoting Moonlight overseas.

Poor Alex! He is always asked about losing out on the role of James Bond. I've heard him tell people several times that it is not fun talking about a job that you didn't get.

Click here to listen to the podcast ~


Lyn said...

Kool picture... where is this one from, Kandye?

Linda said...


Thankk for the great site!
Where is this photo of AOL from?

Lyn said...

Did you hear the comment - "we don't normally get so many fans call this fast".

I bet they don't.

Go Moonlight... Go Alex!!!!

anna van z said...

Where did you find this awesome picture? Holy shit, that's hot...

PS. The James Bond franchise is who really lost out. Big time. That new one they have is SOooooo unappealing. If they weren't going to select a new JB with sex appeal and charm, they shoulda stayed with Pierce Brosnan(sp?)

cobby said...

I heard this podcast earlier today and the young girl asking the question wasted so much time with her idol chit-chat that only one question was asked. The only info I got out of it was, he has a fireplace and it was lit and he was sitting by (I wish I was there with him)and that he's leaving shortly to go overseas to promote ML.

Jeeze I love this guy!! I wish I knew what kind of vehicle he drives. I heard Holly drives a Ferrari or Massaroti or one of those outlandish machines. Kandye can you find out what he drives. I did read today about an interview on the set when they were filming ep 16 and the Audi in scene one was being delivered and AOL was out there watching it a drooling. Ha..

And yes, where and for what was the pic taken?? It looks like he has his long hair so maybe it's current.

Anonymous said...

It`s film "Mary Bryant".

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard the interview but surely if he is heading off overseas to promote moonlight that can only be a good sign. Why promote something that is to be axed?? Maybe he knows something we don't. I hope he is heading home to Australia - I'll keep my eye out!!!

Anonymous said...

Please Kandye...where is this picture from?

Moonlight said...

Hello my girls!

This is one of my fave Alex O'Loughlin pics too. I knew you would love this photo of him, but WOW :) It is from the Aussie tv mini-series "The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant." Alex played the role of Will Bryant. He was nominated for an Australian Film Institute award & a Logie award as best actor. Talented and gorgeous!

XO ~

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