Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CBS wants more female fans?!?! HELLO!

Something has been bothering me ever since I read it in Variety.........

"This year, CBS Entertainment prexy Nina Tassler said her mandate was less flashy: Focus on growing the Eye's laffers, soften up its procedurals and bring more women to the network."


"Tassler said the network even talked with creators about taking male roles and reconceiving them for women."

You want more female viewers, but you cancel Moonlight?!??! How in the world does that make sense? So frustrating! *sigh*

I think the photo of Mick St John's (Alex O'loughlin) famous eyebrow raise and quizzical expression is very fitting. It is from Moonlight's Arrested Development episode (#1x05).


cobby said...

Yea Kandye, isn't that a kick in the head!! More female viewers....what were we 7.5-8.0 million women watching ML....chopped liver. Give me a break!!! damn two-faced slut!! I think we should start a new campaign to write to Nina and remind her of her comments about her "vampire" with the "crazy good looks" that she had no intention of replacing......and now she wants more female viewers. I hope all 8 million of us Moonlight lovers don't watch any of the new shows and maybe that will show a deficit!!

Anonymous said...

Could have said it better myself. Wants more female viewers PFFF!!!!. Last time I checked I still have breasts and the other part of the female anatomy. B*T*H!!!!!!!!!

clairlnz said...

I have a long standing dislike for CBS and I'm mad that I let them suck me in again. They've done this same thing to me several times over the years. No more. This is one female viewer that will never darken their door again.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope all 7+ million viewers completely turn off CBS once all episodes of Moonlight are over. Even then watch only Moonlight. If everyone turned off CBS every night, that would have to make some impact on their overall ratings. I know I'm going to be voting with my isolated vote. No more CBS for me!! Woman viewer - give me a BREAK!!!! She really is a two-face bitch.

Anonymous said...

I am turning off the TV is Moonlight doesn't come back. I seldom watch it anyway. Moonlight was a good show. And since I'm older--50, the Friday night worked for me.

How are they going to get women by putting The Unit in that slot. It ruins the whole night.

All this is silly.

Anonymous said...

This is inconceivable! She is just making stuff up now. She likes Moonlight, but then she cancels Moonlight. She wants "female viewers" but then she pisses off all the female viewers by canceling Moonlight.
Nina Nina Nina- you are sooo misguided and totally uninformed. Those male suits pulling your strings have set you up but good. You did what "they" said and now you've gone against the tide.

Anonymous said...

Sci Fi's Bonnie Hammer said exactly the same thing about female viewership, then canceled Farscape in 2003. Farscape's viewership was more than 50% female, and the show was the network's most popular among women. The network then added Tremors to their schedule.

Go figure.

Well, the fans were so incensed that they sent new bras to the network (Brascape!) to demonstrate female viewership and, dare I say, support.

Said bras were then donated to women's shelters

Just a thought...

It always helps to approach these things in a civil and moderate manner, new bras aside.