Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thank you, my friends!

Thank you so much for all the amazing messages! You have been more supportive of my Moonlight fan blog and Alex O'Loughlin fan blog than I could ever dream possible. Don't worry.... I'm still here and not going anywhere, ditto for the sites also :)

Still contacting the WB asking them to shop our show around to all the networks ~ FX, Sci-Fi, USA, Spike, CW. There are tons of television channels that should be thrilled to have a show with Moonlight's ratings!

Warner Bros feed back form ~

WB Head of Television
Peter Roth
Phone Number ( 818 )954-6000


Anonymous said...

As I type through my tears I must say Thank YOU for all you have done to support Moonlight and Alex. It has been a comfort to come to your blog and find information, humor and camaraderie over our shared obsession.
Bless you.
-KissMeMick (Janet)

Francesca said...

Thank you have done an amazing job...

Lets stick together what more can we do.

Crying like a baby...

I feel weird it is almost like i have lost my 3 best friends....

cobby said...

We have lost our 3 best friends. And Kandye you know how much you and your efforts mean to me.

I am praying our beloved ML will get a mid-season pickup somewhere. I'm not asking God for the Fall....right now I'll take a little crumb.

I feel much better since Alex let us know how he is feeling. I hope he's in Australia with his family and Holly.

Do you think you can confirm a msg on Holly's MySpace that says, (I'm paraphrasing here) "if everyone would put their efforts and thoughts into the events in China and Myanmare, instead of fighting for Moonlight, the world would be a better place to live". My blogger friends at are up in arms about it and I'm trying to convince them it wasn't a msg from Holly, it was one of her fans.


dsa said...

Kandyegirl, I don't know how to thank you for all of your efforts on helping us to reach out and helping the cast and crew of our fave show, Moonlight find a new home. But I must say I could hear the sorrow in Alex's letter because we are so familiar with his voice and emotions. Have we reached out to ask him how we can best help him now?
Hearing about CBS holding onto his option reminds me a lot of Pierce Brosnan and what happened to him years ago with Remington Steele. He could have been Bond much earlier on. I hope CBS does not play the same dirty trick again and hold up his career and chances for further success.
May everyone in the show rise to great stardom.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has something gone on in the backroom in the last 2 days that no-one knows about? Until 2 days ago it was a given that moonlight was going to be picked up for season 2 , so someone has obviously peeved someone else off!!!

Anonymous said...

Cobby, I heard that quote from Holly too. To be honest, I'm an Aussie and she isn't too well liked over here. She basically tried to use her looks/body/sex to get her career going which worked in Australia as we don't have too many stars here. Its not working in Hollywood as there are millions of beautiful girls there. She even had a big court case going on here in the past couple of years after she broke up with her manager & boyfriend (reportedly by fax or something) and then didn't pay him the money owed. Sort of left a bad taste in people mouths. Don't get me wrong - she may be a great girl, afterall Alex thinks she great and it can't just be for her looks or what she's like in bed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read Holly's msg too. I know she is right, there are thousands of people out there facing a cruel fate. We are sooo lucky to be alive and safe. But I can't be like her! ( I am such common people) I know I am indulging in what I have, but I need Moonlight to help others!!( Moonlight is my vital suppliment)
I can't stop feeling, I am disappointed,sad,and sorry for cast members, all Moonlight fans, and everybody.

Anonymous said...

Her quote is like what our parents used to say---"eat all your food because there are people starving in the world"---like you should feel guilty to have food or like that would change their lives somehow if you cleaned your plate. Let me say something here. Everyone has bad things happen in their lives. My daughter, who is alomost 27 years old, was born severely retarded, with the mind of a 10 month old. She has lived with me all her life and I change her diapers, feed her, and care for her as well as work full time and have raised a son who is studying computer engineering in college now.I take no breaks or ever go on vacation, even overnight.That's life. It doesn't mean people with normal kids should feel guilty about that because I wasn't so lucky. We have every right to feel the way we do for Moonlight and fight for it. For me it was a marvelous reprieve from my situation,and now it will be gone. Our days of personal tragedy will come. And if you worry over such awful world disasters---or try to send donations to the Hunta who is robbing the donations from their own people, how have you helped them? Not trying to whine poor me here, just stating how life is.

Anonymous said...


i want to thank you for all of the
hard work,time, and energy you gave
to your blog for moonlight. i
always come to your blog first
because i know that the information
i get here is first rate. i am new
to blogs and am glad that i was able to find someone who was as passionate and loyal to the show and it's actors as you have been. even now that moonlight has been
canceled i hope that this is not the end of your wonderful blog