Monday, May 12, 2008

Is Ron Koslow still involved with Moonlight?

TV Guide's Matt Roush answers whether or not Ron Koslow is still part of the Moonlight team.

Question :
I have read your columns and reviews since you were back with USA Today. I'm sure you remember a little show back in the late 1980s called Beauty and the Beast created by Ron Koslow, whose name is now on the credits as a cocreator of Moonlight. I tuned in to Moonlight because of Koslow's name. I love Moonlight, although it is different in tone than Beauty and the Beast, but still the emotional bond and unrequited love between Mick and Beth is reminiscent of Vincent and Catherine. I was wondering how much input Koslow has, since I haven't heard much about his involvement with the show even during the upheaval in the production staff that seems to have gone on. On a final note, the fans loving Moonlight and fighting to keep it on the air are also reminiscent of the fan outpouring of support for Beauty and the Beast, also on CBS 20 years ago. — Jane G.

Matt Roush :
Not just the CBS connection, but it also aired on Fridays, back before the night was considered a graveyard. Do I remember Beauty and the Beast? Do I ever. I reported at length about that show during its prime, including the fan campaigns and its post-Catherine cancellation. To answer your question: Ron Koslow was involved with the development of Moonlight, but like many other well-known names attached to the show during its turbulent first season (including Buffy/Angel vet David Greenwalt), he no longer has anything to do with the running of the show. There's no question, though, that Moonlight appeals to that same Gothic romantic streak.

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