Monday, May 12, 2008

SPOILER ~ Mick's DNA results scene from What's Left Behind ~ episode #1x15

Spoiler Alert! Mick St John & Beth Turner scene from Moonlight's What's Left Behind episode (#1x15)

This video is of the scene where Mick gets the DNA results to find out if he has a son or not. Alex is so good in this clip. You feel the sadness, but also the happiness he has for his best friend.

"I didn't know how much I wanted a family until I almost had one."


Lyn said...

I just watched the full episode for the first time since Friday night. In light of all the noise all over the various boards about the "coolness" between Mick & Beth, I took some special notice of that part of the storyline... here is what I think.

In this day and age, we all interpret "love" as needing to be physical... and fast.

Mick's focus in this ep is a small boy who has been stolen, and on top of that a boy who may be his grandson. It is only supposed to be a couple of days since Click and about a week since he turned back. Things aren't moving fast, because he has asked for some time to work it all out. This kind of situation would be an interruption to that, something that he needs to focus on 100%.

What would we think of our Mick & Beth if they started making out hot and heavy when there was a small child in danger?

Every time they are together, there is plenty of tenderness and warmth. There is even heat, in the scene in the car where she says "it may not be any good". But as she correctly says, "lets focus on getting Jacob back".

I don't think there is any coolnes there. I think the relationship is just as intense as it was. Mick is confused, trying to figure it out and distracted by the set of circumstances, that's all.

...and btw - notice the warmth in his & Josef's relationship? I noticed it in Click too... more I think than there used to be?

One comment I would make - and ask if anyone else has noticed? In FTP he says it was 6 days since he became a human. Pretty sure it was the very next day when they saw the plastic surgeon, Beth was taken and he turned back - but he says to Josef in this ep "a few weeks as a human"???

Perhaps it doesn't matter, but I do wish they would be a little more careful with the continuity sometimes.

cobby said...

I love when Beth quickly and briefly touches Mick's face at the end. The first time viewing this scene on Fri, I didn't realize that after she touched his hair, her hand then stopped on his forearm, and then the slightest touch to his face. I still wish he would have kissed her hand somehow. Love those two characters!! Can't wait till Friday...

frecklesquilts said...

TV.MSN has blip about season finale:

The article has a negative tone for renewal chances.


Deborah said...

That was a bittersweet scene. I am glad for Mick that Robert was not his son. Mick has enough problems to deal with already.

I was wrong in complaining about not seeing Mick/Beth behaving like a loving couple in this episode. After viewing this scene several times, I noticed that Beth's stroking of Mick's hair & cheek clearly showed the love & support they have for each other. Mick was appreciative in Beth's caring because he smiled at her in return.

Thanks for this video, Kandye, I just love Mick/Beth.