Monday, May 5, 2008

Sophia Myles on reader's list of Sexiest TV Stars

Moonlight fans have spoken up for our beautiful Sophia Myles! She was not included on TV Guide's Sexiest Stars list. The magazine asked readers to let them know who they overlooked.....

Sexiest Stars 2008: Your Take

Our readers tell us who we left off our sexy stars countdown

Sophia Myles (Moonlight): This gorgeous object of vampire Mick's affection burns up the screen with her cool blue eyes and understated sensuality. No wonder so many readers wanted her on the sexiest stars list!


Deborah said...

No doubt about it. I have always thought Sophia Myles is sexy and beautiful. Her beauty is both outside & inside. Sophia Myles & Alex O'Loughlin are truly the sexiest & gorgeous looking on-screen couple.

Thanks, Kandye, again for this information. Keep the good news coming.

anna van z said...

Sophia has done an incredible job of bringing Beth to life - she is an outstanding actor. When she was on Craig Ferguson, she came across as such a warm, genuine, and funny person. Also, she looks gorgeous in the bob she normally has, and I wish they'd just let her have that style on the show.