Thursday, May 1, 2008

SPOILER ~ New promo photos for Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata (episode #1x16)


CBS has released promo photos for Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata (episode #1x16). Mick St John, Josef Kostan & Beth Turner shown at glam party! Don't they look elegant? Beth & Mick dancing together..... Awwwwwww

Just click on the photographs above for larger versions of the images.


Lyn said...

...and Mick in a suit, shirt & tie. Isn't this a first? And doesn't he look GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Mick in a tux...absolutely, positively gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

WOWZA!!! they all look absolutely stunning.. Mick in a tux, he couldn't get any better than that. No matter what he wears, he just gorgeous. Beth what a beauty. That Red gown really compliments her curves. The pose where she is alone, reminds me of those starlets in the 1940's. Josef adorable as ever. Love the bow tie. Can't wait for this..

Francesca said...

oh my Alex looks so handsome...much better than that get up he had at the premiere of Speed Racer...hope he threw away those shoes or gave them back to
How dashing does he look wow...all of them Sophia and Jason...cant wait for this episode.

Anonymous said...

Beth really is beautiful.
It's nice to see a REAL woman with curves.

Jason looks adorable in the last photo. He's got the cutest "baby face" smile.