Friday, May 2, 2008

Spoiler ~ Recap of Moonlight's Click episode (#1x14)

SPOILER ALERT! My recap of Moonlight's Click episode (#1x14)

I was hoping that Mick's temporary humanity would give him a new appreciation for his Vampire life & power. He seems to be embracing life period. Putting himself out there, as he says. Mick has a facebook page!?!?

Was it just me, or did Alex seem extra magnetic tonight?

Mick's mantra of "you can't die" while enduring Tierney's driving made me bust out laughing.

After all this time of Mick and Beth's romance being longing glances and hinted conversation, I'm still getting used to the openly dating thing.

Tension in those stares between ADA Talbot & Mick. Alpha males guarding their territory.

More Josef and Mick scenes please! Love the banter between our boys.... especially the scene when Mick goes to Josef's office and teasingly called him dad. "Step-sire" Too funny!

Not surprised that our adorable Josef dated Jean Harlow and apparently Garbo.

We were correct in our spoiler speculation that "Ann Booker" was the writer's code for Beth.

Speaking of the spoilers...... the scene where Mick & Beth run into each other on the Queen Mary was changed. The dialogue of "we had something once but it's over.... it's complicated" became "I think we're dating.... it's complicated." Beth's nod to meet outside was gone, etc.

As I wrote before when I posted a spoiler video for Click, the debate that has been churning over Mick's line in the pilot episode, "60 years is a long time to deny yourself the touch of another" is answered. Mick makes it very clear to Beth ( and us ) that he has not had sex with a human since becoming a Vampire... and that he has slept with a vamp.... vamps?

Mick leaning in for a kiss was soooo sexy, even tho it was interrupted.

Tierney didn't last very long.

Poor Mick ~ having someone murdered on his watch :(

A sleep over.... but not quite how Mick & Beth pictured her spending the night at his place.

Moonlight is about vamps who walk among us. We saw that in action with the too little tabloid photographers. Giggled when Mick said "The camera... lost boy!" A fave film of mine, and Alex too.

The actor playing Dean Foster did a great job of making him a scummy paparazzi for us to hate.

When he caught the killer, Mick had to control himself. He was on the verge of going Vampire on that guy. If I say that I really wanted Mick to vamp out, does that make me a bad person? ;>

I've always wondered how Mick was able to stay in LA this entire time without being discovered. When Beth asks what would happen to a vamp if outed, you see her heart sinking as Mick says it would require moving, changing identities & so on.

Of course, I knew Beth would go to Josef when Dean tried to blackmail her with his Mick photos & threatened to further investigate. And.... we all knew that Josef would take care of the problem! One of the reasons that I love him. Beth was well aware of what would happen if she went to Josef, but she stepped up to protect Mick.

Now, Josef & Beth have a shared secret that they are keeping from Mick.

Continuing the protection by quitting her BuzzWire job. She wouldn't have stayed there anyway with the new editor's trashy, unethical approach to journalism. Not that you can call what he does journalism.

Mick ~ "I suppose we're all Vampires in one form or another."

Totally not surprised that Talbot is investigating Mick.

Ooooooo..... before I forget.... Click on the photo above of the delicious Alex O'Loughlin for a larger version of the image.


Tina said...

omg that promo left me speechless! (btw, I just found it on youtube here - )

Click didn't have nearly enough romantic moments for me. :D hehe. And I hope they're not going to have Talbot get the hots for Beth too early in the game. I love how she went to Josef for Mick. Altho the ending had me steaming, but it'll be interesting how that plays out.

Lyn said...

I hope not either as we kinda "been there done that" with Josh...

kookiegirl said...

Wow...'Click', just like the title..went too fast & furious for me..wanted to see more MickBeth kisses.. ;o) but loved every min. of it!!. Kandye, your're right, Mick was xtra magnetic, giddy and so xhuberant like I've never seen him before--liked this Mick better thou. -- Mmm got 2 xcited when Mick tells Beth to spent the nite & watch that scene he's half-naked from FTP clips...guess it was not this epi., maybe in the last one..Sonata!! Poor Beth worried to death about her Vamp secret threatened 2 b revealed was so sweet in asking Josef to help her...guess they're best friends/buddies 4ever right now!! - OMG...promos are very promising & giving me lots of hope for the 2 epis left I feel they'e going to be as good as the prev. & I feel the announcement of Season 2, fingers XXX.

Again Kandye, thanks for your hard work & dedication to ML & the fangs, is indeed appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Kandye..Beth said to Mick,"You're going to get so tired of watching me eat." He replied,"I hope so." What did that mean? Sounds negative to me.

Deborah said...

My only compliant of this episode is that I didn't get to see any kiss!! Why couldn't Mick/Beth have a kiss by the railing of the ship before they got interrupted!!

But all the Mick/Beth moments were heartwarming. Glad to see Mick finally is accepting his vampirism.
Mick/Beth are so well matched. They are gorgeous looking.

I read somewhere that there was going to be a secret between Beth & Josef. Now I know what the secret is. I wonder if Mick will find out.

Thanks for the recap, Kandye. I always enjoy reading them.

Anonymous said...

kandye, Beth said to Mick,"You're going to get tired of watching me eat." Mick answers,"I hope so." What did he mean? Sounds negative to me.

Anonymous said...

any idea what label makes alex's 3/4 length suits for the show? anyone finds out email Thanks

Anonymous said...


You misunderstood what Mick meant when he said, "I hope so." What he meant was he hopes that they WILL have many meals together---hence he will have the opportunity to get tired of seeing her eat. In other words, he meant that he hopes they share many meals together--it was a compliment, not a put down.

Moonlight said...

Hiya Anonymous ~

When Beth says that Mick will get tired of watching her eat, and he replies "I hope so," it is actually a positive statement. Mick meant that he hopes they are together so long & for so many meals that he does grow tired of watching her eat. :) In other words, he wants to be with Beth for a long time!

XO ~

My Moonlight Fan Blog

Anonymous said...

Now that I've watched the episode four times online, I'd say that the most interesting scene is the one where Beth enslists Josef's help, accepting a vampire solution to a problem. If she'll do that for love, she's a good candidate to become a vampire herself.

Anonymous said...

Best episode yet and Mick definately looked better tonight than he ever has - must be all those great designer shirts he wears!! He sure does have a great wardrobe. However I think he is pretty clueless in the love department - I think he may need a few tips from Josef. He should have least given Beth a kiss goodnight and offered her a shirt or something to sleep in!! Instead he just wandered upstairs as though it was his mother that was staying!!

Lyn said...

Well, I have said all along that Beth is a good vamp candidate. She is a lovely girl, but she is tough! She will kill for Mick in a heartbeat and did so in the 2nd episode...trying again when she staked Coraline. The Joself/Beth scene just convinced me that she can (and will) do whatever she has too... she had to know what Josef's solution would be when she went to him and I would venture to suggest that Mick (although he may have done the necessary) would have shown more qualms than Beth did. Terrific stuff!!! We need our season 2 because there is just TOO much development left to be done here.