Friday, May 9, 2008

Spoilers ~ Recap of tonight's episode ~ What's Left Behind (#1x15)

SPOILER ALERT! Recap of Moonlight's What's Left Behind episode (#1x15)

I feel so sad for our boys.

This was a serious episode. A few light moments here and there, mostly courtesy of Josef as usual. Making Mick go couch shopping at 4 am. I snorted out loud when Mick asked if he should check the now infamous tar pits for Josef's fired designers.

When the detective tried to kick Mick out of the crime scene, Talbot stood up for him by saying all help is needed when a child is missing. I think he wants to be around Mick to check him out up close, since he is obviously investigating him.

Is that also why he offered Beth the job as a civilian investigator?

They brought back Erika Ringor as Detective Theresa Novak. Remember her from Fever (episode #1x04)? I like it when tv programs bring back characters. It adds a bit of realism.

Little Jacob Fordham is kidnapped. Bad memories for Beth. This also brings up bad memories for Mick.... in more ways than one. Not only reminding him of Beth's kidnapping, but of his history with the Fordham family.

Loved when Mick vamped & threatened the kid blood drinking Vampire, Leo. Dangerous! and sexy ;>

Of course, we already knew that Mick had been a medic in WWII. Tonight, we learned that his unit was stationed in Italy during the late summer of 1944.

Mick's best friend, Ray, is thought to be killed in action. The last thing he asked Mick to do was tell his wife, Lila, that he loved her and to take care of her. He tries to do just that. Both are grieving for Ray. They have that in common, plus years of close friendship. They end up taking comfort with each other, which often happens in these situations. However, Ray was not dead. When he returns, Mick simply disappeared from their lives. Can you imagine the guilt he must have felt? Still feels! We know how our Mick takes everything to heart.

This leads Mick to think that Jacob could be his grandson, and that the distraught father, Robert, may be his son.

I thought Beth was going to cry as Mick explained the story to her, especially when he admitted to loving Lila.

"See, I've sired plenty of vamps in my day, but no rugrats." One of Josef's only regrets about his Vampire life is that he can never have children. The look on Jason's face said it all. He can go from humor to a serious line like that with ease. And back to humor when he realizes Beth is standing there having overheard him say that Vampires can't have kids. "Hi Beth. Beth is here" Ooopppsss!

I agree with Beth. It is too early for the having kiddos conversation. They've only had one passionate kiss for goodness sake. Wow... that look Mick gives Beth when she says "We haven't even slept with each other yet. It may not be any good." He is too hot! If I were her.....

Beth had to know that Mick was not going to wait for the warrant before rushing to save Jacob.

Mick's eyes glowing in the dark! Super cool!

The DNA test proves that Robert is not Mick's son. "I didn't know how much I wanted a family until I almost had one." Alex's expression and voice did me in.

As I said at the beginning of this recap, I feel sad for Mick & Josef. Even though they could adopt sweet babies, then what would happen? Watch their children grow old and die? Turn them into vamps too? *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Oh Kandye, this show, this show! I love this show! Thank you so much for your info and input and recaps and spoilers. I wish for you to meet Alex O'Loughlin someday because you are without a doubt his bestest fan!
I loved the humor in this episode. Josef and Mick are the best together! Lots of insight and lots of new questions. CBS keep us guessing and bring Moonlight and Mick back to us for Season Two!
Meanwhile, I'll be wearing out my VCR watching the few episodes I've been able to tape and of course, coming to you, Kandye, to feed my Mickaddiction!

Anna van z said...

What did y'all think of the preview for next week? It looked like Mick was cattin' around some, and Beth was calling it quits - Oh no! The writers can't leave us with THAT as a season finale, can they? Personally I was hoping that they would end season1 by giving us a big dose of passion, lust, and love...
Or do you think the previews are just designed to throw us off a little?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this ep---but I still don't understand why Beth and Mick never ever touch, hug, kiss. I mean the verbal flirting, or whatever you want to call it, is nice but after ep 13 with the big "SWOON" kiss and the confessions that they are both interested in pursuing a possible relationship---it is leaving me flat. They don't have to have sex but at least a little cuddling would be O.K. Maybe ep 16, from watching the promo, with Beth finally saying "I can't do this anymore" because of the blood-drinking freshie thing, is what finally forces Mick to go all the way with his attraction for Beth. One could only hope.

Lyn said...

I thought the saddest of Josef's lines was when he noted that even if he had fathered children "they would all be dust by now". That one line really highlights the lonely side of the vampire immortality thing.

I agree I would like to see a little more physicality between them. "Dating" would allow for that after all and I think give the relationship (whether they put on the brakes or let them off) more more insight for us when whatever a "resolution" happens.

I thought the same about Talbot allowing Mick to come into the crime scene and I think he is investigating Mick, but my theory is that he sees that Mick is effective (very effective) and suspects there is something else going on with him which he would like to understand better, but that he is doing so because he wants to make use of Mick's obvious ability to get the job done. I think that is one reason he has hired Beth. After all, if the detective had allowed Mick up to the room 2 hours earlier, they would have been 2 hours closer to finding Jacob and those 2 hours could have been critical ones.

I can't wait for the freshie scene. Is it because Mick now has some "Josef" in him? Or is there something about the "freshie" thing not yet revealed? Like, perhaps, they need fresh blood as part of their diet and can't manage 100% on syphoned "dead" blood"?

In any case, the one complaint my husband has about the show is he would like "less wimpy" vampires (I don't agree... but anyway!) and perhaps we are going to see a slightly harder/darker side to Mick. Alex hinted at that even before the hiatus.

Oh my. One more to go. Season 2... think positive!

Not only would I miss the show if it didn't come back, I would miss all the fun and friendship we get to share on this fansite.

Thanks, as always, Kandye. You are the best and I would also wish for you to eventually meet Alex (or Mick!!!) as a reward for your loyalty and hard work.

anna van z said...

I agree, anonymous - it seems like, based on what we know of Mick, that he would be more affectionate and "hands on", so to speak. The writers give us moments of that here and there, but it feels like there should be more. In some ways, Mick seems more distant than in earlier episodes, in spite of that one really hot kiss.

Rappleyea said...

Fantastic episode as usual! Love, love, love Moonlight. Summer of '44 in Italy - my Dad was there then too. I was bawling like a baby at the DNA results scene. Alex's acting there was Emmy material.

Thank you Kandye for one of the best blogs on the internet.

honey said...

Seems like Mick and Josef are having more moments together than Mick and Beth right now! I'm holding out for some steamy Mick/Beth moments in the next episode though (I won't say last!). And how did Beth get into Mick's place without him knowing?? It looks like she walks in unannounced in next week's promo too.

honey said...

And Kandye- thank you so much for all that you do for us!! I count on you to bring us our Mick and Beth and Josef and all the ways we can help them. You are great!

Jude said...

To me, this was the best episode, even without a MickBeth kiss. I loved it--it's in my top three. I came across this YouTube playlist of all Mick's smiles by episode. Have you seen it? Gosh, we are an obsessed bunch.

Deborah said...

Another week without any Mick/Beth loving!! I just could not look at the make out scenes between Mick & Lyla. Mick didn't seem to have problems showing Lyla some hot loving!! So, why is he so cold to Beth, who supposed to be the love of his life! Grrrr!

Mick better not be dragging his feet about Beth. We all know that he does love Beth. Besides the rooftop & the restaurant dinner dates, Mick has never told nor shown Beth that he really loves her!!

But I am glad that Mick does not have a son & grandson. After all, he has so many other complications needed to be solved already.

I am hoping the writers will not let us down again. I was attracted to Moonlight because of the Mick/Beth relationship, vampire loves a human.

Thanks again, Kandye, for the recap. I do hope that this upcoming episode will lift up my spirit.