Sunday, June 1, 2008 ~ Moonlight Fans Look to Sci Fi

Mark Wilson has written a new article for reporting Moonlight fans continuing the campaign to save our show! It is great to see our show still in the news. That is very important. We want entertainment/media outlets to keep talking about Moonlight and our campaign. Thank you for contacting magazines, reporters, etc. Keep it up :) :
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by Mark Wilson

Moonlight Fans Look to Sci Fi

Die-hard fans of CBS's canceled vampire detective drama, Moonlight, are turning their attention to the Sci Fi Channel, which may be considering the possibility of thinking about maybe picking up the show. Or not.

Pondering the future of canceled but popular shows is like reading invisible tea leaves, because discussions are always tentative and firm commitments rarely materialize. What we do know is that Harry Werksman, who is one of the show's writers and executive producers (and a veteran of Farscape and Earth: Final Conflict, among others), told Moonlight fans recently that "talks" are under way for season 2, and that if the show were picked up by Sci Fi its hero, Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin), would likely be transplanted to New York City, where Sci Fi is headquartered. (Mick has talked about vampires having to move on because of their longevity, though he seems to really like L.A.)

Again, nothing is even close to agreed yet. Fans are reaching out to other networks as well, though TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has proclaimed that Moonlight on The CW "ain't happening" (true that: they've got more fantasy shows than they want already). A push to get DirecTV to sponsor Moonlight, which has a precedent with Friday Night Lights, is also under way.

Werksman also stated the obvious, which is that there can be no Moonlight without O'Loughlin. Hidden in that statement is a reminder that rest of the cast – which was replaced once already en bloc at the pilot stage – is probably expendable. Would Moonlight fans be willing to sacrifice the brassy Beth (Sophia Myles) to keep their Mick fix? Smart money says yes. But the chemistry was developing nicely between Beth and Mick in the bottom half of season 1, so producers will most likely try to keep that dynamic if Myles stays available. Beth needs to move on from Buzzwire anyway, so a move to New York will be good for her character as well.

Werksman also said that the season 1 DVD, including some commentary tracks from O'Loughlin, is scheduled for September. Meanwhile, if a TV deal falls through they'll start thinking about shopping a Moonlight movie, with the high level of fan support a strong selling point.

Fans looking to convince Sci Fi to pick up Moonlight have a number of options, including sending a "perpetually cool" postcard (pdf) to the network's headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York 10112. You can email them too and let them know you'll follow the show to Sci Fi.

Photo ~ Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) looking too handsome in Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata ( episode #1x16 )

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