Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aussie fans trying to organize rallies for Moonlight

The wonderful Aussie fans are trying to organize Moonlight rallies in the capital cities. If they get enough people involved, the Australian Red Cross may be interested in setting up at each rally. Also, they want to do a fan video. For those who want to join in the Save Moonlight efforts, drop by the website they have created ~ http://aussieslovemoonlight.yuku.com/


Anonymous said...

Well, this is sort of offtopic, but i just wanted to message kadye on an update from tvguide.


There is an excerpt stating:

Sci Fi and DirecTV are still in play, but apparently TNT has thrown its hat into the ring to pick up Moonlight. — Barbara
Mitovich: Sorry, Barbara, but apparently is the operative word. A pal at TNT assures me the network has no interest in the expired CBS series. All together now: That bites.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to the Aussie fans! I've been watching MOONLIGHT episodes (like usual) from either my Unbox collection or all of the eps I've TiVo'd. Now I have a question ..... If Mick was to get more of the Mortal Cure and become human again couldn't he father a child? I really, really, want MOONLIGHT to continue!

Kelly (kelcouch) said...

Hi Kandye!! Thanks for posting details of our Aussie site... hopefully we can get enough Aussies over there to organise some rallies shortly!!

I just posted a promo vid for the 'Australia Loves Moonlight' site on YouTube yesterday, please take a look:

Once again thanks for pluggin' the Aussie site!!

Kel :) (kelcouch)