Friday, June 27, 2008

New website offering Moonlight Blood Drive teeshirts!

I know that many of you want to get your hands on a lovely Moonlight Blood Drive t-shirt, not to mention the gentlemen holding them in this picture. hehehehe.... A website with all the ordering info & so on is now available. From what I've heard, other items are in the planning stages to be added to the page in the future.

Along with the blood drive shirt, two others are available right now. One is for all fans who have loved & lost a show.... Jericho, Las Vegas, Journeyman, etc. "Hell hath no fury like a fan scorned!" There is also an Alex O'Loughlin fan club tee. The graphic is composed of many images of our favorite guy. Ooooooo.... and if you wanna peek at the site itself ~

I really like this photo of Jason Dohring and Alex O'Loughlin displaying the tshirt. They are too adorable! It reminds me of the happy days when we still had Moonlight and our cast was out promoting it.

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Paul C said...

This is a letter posted on tv

« Moonlight
have you heard?? this show is not going to die..cause its going to be picked up by a better station then cbs could ever a fan of moonlight I will NOT watch ghostwhisper calling for a boycott, on this show and others that CBS airs in that time spot, until moonlight has its own spot back on the air waves...Alex dude!!! this is a set back not a defeat...moonlight fans are EVERYWHERE and will continue to fight for you, I see you as a friend of my family here in Florida head up high and shoulders back..ITS SO ON!!!!!

Paul in florida...