Friday, June 27, 2008

TV Guide asks ~ What's Stuck on Your DVR?

TV Guide is asking fans to tell them What's "Stuck" on Your DVR? Moonlight fans are watching saved episodes over and over for that Mick St John fix. We miss our show! Tell TV Guide and everyone reading that we have not forgotten or give up on Moonlight! Leave a comment there and let them know how you feel.

Note ~ You can only comment if you have an account on their website.

We all have those awesome shows (or delicious guilty pleasures) we can't seem to bring ourselves to delete from our DVR hard drive. Heck, we even fessed up to some of ours!

Now, it's your turn. We want everything from the sacred (Grey's Anatomy's Season 2 Finale) to the shameful (every episode of Flavor of Love) and everything in between.

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