Friday, June 13, 2008

Pittsburgh Moonlight fan rally ~ Saturday, June 14th

I have a little time before our family dinner. Sooooo.... I'll do a post for my Moonlight family :)

Another Moonlight fan rally is making news! This time, it is the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania gathering.

Details ~

"Moonlight by affair of the Heart"
Schenley Park
June 14th, 2008
12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Pittsburgh, PA
Contact Arabella and Sokorra

Tuned In Journal: 'Moonlight' fans gather ... in daylight!
By Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Local fans of the canceled CBS vampire drama "Moonlight" plan to have a picnic. In the daylight.

Fans will gather outside the Schenley Park visitor center, 12-4 p.m., Saturday.

"Come help us support 'Moonlight,'" says a release put out by local fan Dorothy Jadlowiec and her granddaughter. "There will be donuts, cold drinks and lots of people who love a certain, sexy vampire, his lovely lady and his snarky but lovable friend!"

But why in daylight? And why at Schenley Park and not in front of KDKA where they'd get a lot of attention since the Three Rivers Arts Festival has set up shop in front of the station's Gateway Center HQ?

Jaclowiec, who is 80 and lives in California, Pa., said fans chatting online made plans to meet in parks across the country (Central Park in New York and Griffith Park in Los Angeles).

"We didn't want to be that obvious," she said of the notion of rallying in front of KDKA. Besides, the campaign to get the show renewed has moved away from CBS. Now fans are encouraging Sci Fi Channel and DirecTV to give the show a shot.

"We're getting four or five people from the area and people are bringing people," she said. "We're getting a contingent from Ohio because they didn't get their act together."

Jadlowiec said she's one of the show's older fans; most top out in their 50s or 60s.

"My grandkids have been in awe since I got pages on Facebook and MySpace," she said. "My kids call it, 'What is Grandma up to now?'"

And how did she become a local "Moonlight" leader?

"I opened my big mouth," she said.

Jadlowiec, who goes by the name Arabella online (she also writes an Internet magazine devoted to classic films), said fans will not be wearing fangs at their rally Saturday.

"But we will be wearing shirts" devoted to "Moonlight," she said. "I got my 5-year-old great-granddaughter a shirt that says, 'It's Friday night, do you know where your vampire is?'"

Photo Caption ~ Mick (right: Alex O'Loughlin) enjoys a picnic on the beach with Beth (left: Sophia Myles) on a "Moonlight" episode. Fans of the canceled series will do the same Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Pittsburgh MOONLIGHT fans! Hopefully we will all get what we want - namely more MOONLIGHT!

Grace Whisperer said...

"Arabella" puts me to shame!! Way to go, Pittsburgh!