Friday, June 13, 2008

Sophia Myles nominated for SyFy Genre award

Our Sophia Myles has been nominated in the Best Actress/Television category of the SyFy Genre awards for her work as Beth Turner..... of course :) *cheer* The awards are given by the SyFy Portal website.

Unfortunately, she is the only nominee from Moonlight. While I'm happy for Sophia, I'm shocked that no other members of our cast were considered worthy.

Jason Dohring does an incredible job with the role of Josef. His line reads are always spot on! He makes us laugh, and yet can easily bring us to tears.

Shannyn Sossamon is also wonderful as Coraline. She took on the task of playing the "villain" with grace, and made her a nuanced character that many of us loved & others loved to hate. ha!

The complete surprise to me is no nomination for Alex O'Loughlin. How can you watch Alex as Mick St John and not see what an amazing actor he is?!?!? Obviously, he's the most talked about and impressive break out star of the season. I just don't understand him being left out.

For that matter, Moonlight itself more than deserved to be selected to compete in the Best Series/Television category! Our cast, writers & crew created a show that mesmerized millions of addicted fans despite being a freshman series in a Writer's Strike ravaged season and so on.

I'll stop ranting for the moment.........

Back to Sophia's nomination ~ The voting begins on June 25th, 2008. You will be allowed to vote for her once daily until July 25th, 2008. SyFy Portal will announce the winners as part of their 10th anniversary festivities in August. So, get ready to vote your fingers off for Sophia & spread the word!

You can check out a list of all nominees in every category by using this link :


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Kandye that it seems strange that EVERYONE from MOONLIGHT wasn't nominated- but, it is wonderful for Sophia ! How do you vote for her though? I went to the link you listed and saw the nominees but not where to vote......

Jazmin said...

WOW, this is amazing. I´m so proud of her!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree. While I'm happy for Sophia, it's incomprehensible that Alex was not a shoo in for Best Actor! Moonlight and the rest of the cast also deserved nominations, as well.

Anonymous said...

Well it's great news for Sophia, I'm really happy for her. But I'm SAD that Alex was over looked for his work in MOONLIGHT. Alex was the rock on the show, he was amazing and worked really hard to make MOONLIGHT what it was a great show. Who decides who picks these nominations away. Haven't they looked at Alex's acting in MOONLIGHT.