Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Save Jericho" tv commercial produced by fans

Check out this marvelous video! In the last three weeks, hard working Jericho fans have donated money to produce a new "save our show" television commercial.... Wow! The promo spot is to be aired in the Los Angeles area. According to, it will be shown on tv over 200 times in 10 days, beginning in the third week of June. You will be able to watch the ad during Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel), Ghost Hunters (SciFi Network) and various programs on the History Channel.

One creative fan, who uses the name "RubberPoultry," took on the production duties. Narration is provided by Brad Beyer. He plays Stanley Richmond on the show. Jericho's production sound mixer, Phil Palmer, stepped up to record the voiceover for the commercial.

I want to say congratulations to the Jericho Rangers! Your campaign dedication is inspiring to say the least :)

Thanks to Mediaguy1441 posting the clip on YouTube, those of us not in LA get to enjoy it as well. Here is the info he included.......

So far, Jericho fans have a perfect record for saving Jericho. We're down, but not out. Fans raised $6600 to create this spot, and approached me to write and produce it. Brad Beyer, (a series regular) provided the voice over.

This is the culmination of all of our efforts. May we Save Jericho Again!


Anonymous said...

That's an excellent commercial. I really hope the fans of Jericho get their 3rd season and Moonlight gets its 2nd season.

I think someone needs to create a new network called "second chance network - SCN" for all the canceled shows that deserve another chance.

Anonymous said...

Making a tv commercial to "Save MOONLIGHT" sounds like a great idea- also the networks targeted and the time slots chosen are genius! Where do I send my contribution?