Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Message of thanks to fans from Alex O'Loughlin

Alex has written a gracious note to his fans. He is clearly touched by all the messages he has received from you! Can you imagine how much mail he receives? I think it is sweet of him to apologize for not being able to respond to everyone quickly.

I have been a fan of Alex's work for years, so he has no worries here :) I support him in all his projects!

Dear Family, Friends and wonderful fans.

I have recently been going through a lot of mail from you guys and I wanted to take this opportunity to say a few things.

First, I would like to preface by apologizing for any late replies to mail I have been sent. I try to get to it all asap but sometimes it goes through a number of different channels before I even see it and time can slip away.

But the main reason for me writing is that I have found myself totally overwhelmed at the amount of support you have all been giving me in this time.

Its true, to have something you put your heart into taken away can be difficult, painful and sometimes confusing. In this instance all of the above. But never do you expect to receive anything like the amount of cards, letters and notes of appreciation and love that I have recently. It has been awesome!

Thank you all so very much.

Only too well do I understand the attachment so many of you had to Moonlight and to Mick, Beth, Josef and the gang but now that they have been laid to rest I can only hope you will all follow me into my next exciting adventure, whatever that may be.

We all fought so hard.
We all worked so hard.
I guess some things are simply out of our hands.

I look forward with great anticipation to giving you all the news of the next chapter in this crazy career of mine!! And again, thanks for all the wonderful support.

Warmest regards

Alex O'loughlin. x o x

Photo ~ Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) on the boardwalk in Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode ( #1x13 )


Anonymous said...

He's pure class and makes me so proud to be an aussie. Its great he has let the fans know the true position of the show. Lets hope in the not so distant future, a miracle occurs and Moonlight may rise from its death bed. If not I look forward to seeing him again - hopefully playing some sort of hero - in a new TV series.

kookiegirl said...

Oh my...his message sounds so final it breaks my heart. I truly hope this is NOT THE END OF OUR MOONLIGHT!!....guess we have to continue our fight stronger than ever…It is so ON!!!

Lyn said...

Much as I hate to say this -- and I fought as hard as anyone with cards, emails, calls etc -- his "now that they are laid to rest" and "next chapter" comments indicate that we may have to accept that Moonlight is destined to become a 16 ep cult classic. I have been hoping against hope for weeks now and refused to accept it even through the lengthening silence on a next season. I think we now have to move on, rejoice in what we DO have and wait to see what our talented cast (expecially Alex) come up with next.

That said, I will never forgive CBS and really, truly, I don't watch that station any more.

Also, this level of show-obsession and fandom was a first for me. I think I will make sure it is my last, too. It was great, but ultimately too painful.

Thanks Kandye. The ever-optimist in me will keep checking your site, but I honestly feel Alex is letting us down gently here.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has commented on this gracious letter from Alex. It sounds to me he is gently telling us the fight is over. "Laid to rest" sounds ominous to me. Please check with your sources and tell us what is going on.

Anonymous said...

So that's it?!?! It's just over? I can't believe NO BODY will pick it up!! I wish there was some way that we could start our own network....something that would show Moonlight and ONLY Moonlight! :) That would be awesome! It could be called ML24/7
I can't believe that it's all over!!! Has anyone heard ANYTHING from ANYONE about any network picking it up?

either myspace.com/totallycountry1106


Deborah said...

Alex is truly an extraordinary actor. I was so fortunate enough to have seen him up close at the Comic Con. To top it all, I have an autographed picture of Alex & I received a hand shake from him. Alex is the most down-to-earth actor & he really does appreciate his fans.

I am saddened by Alex's letter. How could that nameless network take away Moonlight, which Alex put his heart & soul into?!! He & Sophia worked 18 hours a day for our beloved show!

I am sure many fans are feeling depressed reading Alex's comment about "Moonlight being laid to rest". At least he didn't say "dead". I still have hope that Moonlight will be made into a TV mini-series or a movie. Also, it is necessary for Alex to move on to other projects in order to make a living as an actor. I am sure his agent has been pushing him to take on new projects. After all, the agent gets paid only if Alex works.

Moonlight was an exceptional, rare TV show that captured all of our hearts. I doubt that we will ever see another show like it. Damn that nameless network!!

We, as loyal fans, must continue to keep "Moonlight" alive. Think about "Star Trek".

kelcouch said...

I really don't want to believe it's over, but from Alex's message there's really nothing else to believe. He is clearly letting us know that it's time to move on. I'll follow him to whatever his next project is. It's been an amazing journey, one that I will never forget...

I wish Alex and the rest of the cast luck in the next chapter of their careers.

I've still got my fingers crossed for a miracle...

Kel :)

COBBY said...

Well I don't need to smacked between the eyes with a 2 by 4 to understand what "laid to rest" means. I've been dealing with it since May 13 so I'm not shocked or surprised at all. He also says, "We all fought so hard. We all worked so hard. I guess some things are simply out of our hands". I don't know how much clearer he can make it. HE WANTS US TO MOVE ON!!

I believe Alex is being kind and gentle to all his fans by telling us "it's over" and time to give up the ghost. And I thank him for been so kind...I would rather have heard it from him than anyone else.

Burgundy said...

Aww it was so nice of him to send us a message...but does that mean the show is really over.?..who knows maybe there will be a miricle and the show will come back on i can only hope....:( But if he says it won't it has to be true..i will sure miss the show! They gave it there all and i can't wait to see some of the cast again...i am still keeping my fingers crossed for the show. Thank You Alex!!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon folks, Alex's message is DEFINATELY telling us that MOONLIGHT is over. Like others who have commented here, let me say that after all of the campaigns, picnics, rallies, letters written,emails sent- blah, blah, blah weren't enough. I'm heartsick, angry, disappointed and in utter disbelief that nothing anyone did was enough to bring MOONLIGHT back. At this point I'm not interested The Shield, August Rush, Man Thing- or anything else he did or will do- MOONLIGHT was what I loved.

Lyn said...

Well, Deborah is right in what she says and I try and think about Star Trek whenever I get depressed about Moonlight. After all, the original Star Trek (although it got 2 more seasons than Moonlight) was still cancelled before its time and while very dedicated fans were still desperate for more. Like Moonlight, Star Trek took you to a different world -- the secret of ALL great stories. Then look what happened, syndication spawned (and is still spawning, really) more series and several films. OK - some of the characters changed and I know we all want Mick (and more Mick) but the original characters were in the earlier films at least. So who knows... Deborah is right - remember Star Trek. Maybe that faint light at the end of this tunnel isn't a train after all.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with what one of the anonymous posters said. I fell in love with Moonlight and Mick St. John. Although Alex is a wonderful actor and easy on the eyes to say the least, I can't imagine I will make it a point or go out of the way to follow everything he does from now on. I adore him but it was his character and the Moonlight scripts that made me go out of my way to do anything for this show. :( Other than True Blood on HBO, I won't be watching any more new shows from here on out.

Aga said...

... truly 1-st class..both: as a person and as an actor. Thank you Alex :)