Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Viewers refuse to delete Moonlight from their DVR/TiVo

You did it! Recently, I posted TV Guide's call for readers to let them know which television programs you recorded to watch over & over again. They have released the results. Thanks to all the wonderful fan comments, Moonlight is on the list of shows viewers refuse to delete! *cheer*

TVGuide.com Users' DVR Keepsakes

The sacred (and shameless) shows our readers can’t delete

"Moonlight, the entire season. Mick St. John was a wonderfully complex character and Beth was strong and gutsy. There were so many places the series could have gone. I loved every minute of it and refuse to let it go." (12000day)


Photo ~ Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) wounded and drinking blood in Moonlight's Out of The Past episode ( #1x02 )


Anonymous said...

The MOONLIGHT episodes I have on my DVR are freaking SACRED to me! I love watching MOONLIGHT! I can't ever imagine wanting to delete any of them.

kookiegirl said...

Totally agree with anonymous. The 16 epis of Moonlight are also VERY SACRED to me and they will not be deleted until they release it in September, so I watch an episode every Friday and pretend it’s a brand new. ;o)