Monday, July 28, 2008

MickBeth fan video from So You Think You Can Vid contest

Heather created this wonderful Moonlight fan video exploring the relationship between Mick St John & Beth Turner. She uses soooo many great MickBeth scenes from our show. I really like the quick flashes of clips to the beat of the music and the cool split-screen effects. By the way, the fab song is All Fall Down by OneRepublic. Heather has entered the video in the So You Think You Can Vid contest. It's got my vote :)


cobby said...

Kandye - I tried to find this video to put to my favs but I can't find it on YouTube. Is there some way you can post the link or something as I do it from your site or go to where it is to save.


wondergirl9847 said...

WOW! That is one of the best fanvids I've seen. Very cool effects and I love the song so much.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! that's got to be one of the best video that I've seen so far and believe me I've seen them all. Great video. I love the cool effects and the split screen.

Paulette said...

Thanks so much for this video. I love this show so much and miss our Mick and Beth. It brought tears to my eyes watching it. We need to continue to fight to get our show back.

kookiegirl said...

Kudos to Heather for this great video It is indeed a beautiful compilation of great shots of Mick/Beth eventhough watching it brought me joy and pain at the same time. Joy, remembering their geat love story and pain of not knowing when we will get them back again. We absolutely need to continue fighting for our beloved MOONLIGHT!!

TexasBlondie said...

I think I have watched this at least a 100 times!!! It is THE BEST video I have seen for our great show. I love that she included a clip from the graveyard fight that shows a small glimpse of Alex's sexy tattoo on the small of his back.

I am asking as Cobby has if you can give us the link to the video that would be great!!!