Monday, July 28, 2008

TV Week ~ CBS needs to support shows like Moonlight

A great article in TV Week agrees with something we have all been saying... CBS needed to give a distinctive show such as Moonlight a chance to build & develop. You would think the executives could see that just based on the extensive & loyal fan base it garnered during a strange, Writer's Strike altered season. Moonlight was only gonna grow if it had the opportunity to run uninterrupted! After all, we reached eight million + viewers according to the outdated Nielsen ratings system.

In this excerpt, Josef Adalian compares NBC standing behind its shows to CBS canceling Moonlight & other programs instead of nurturing them.

Networks Must Evaluate Shows on Merits as Much as Ratings
By Josef Adalian

NBC renewed “The Office” and “30 Rock” even though both shows barely had pulses after their first seasons. The network is bringing back “Friday Night Lights” for a third season, and while some critics might not like the fact that it will air on DirecTV first, give credit to NBC for trying everything it can think of to make the show work for its air.

While the overwhelming critical support and upscale demographics for “Office” and “30 Rock” made the Peacock’s mission easier, it still took guts for NBC to stick by two series many network observers once considered hopeless.

CBS, which is home to no small number of very smart executives, has to start showing similar intestinal fortitude if it wants to avoid the fate of so many past winning networks that have hewed too closely to a winning formula. Too many times in recent years—think “Love Monkey,” “Moonlight,” “Cane,” “The Class”—the network has opted for short-term scheduling stability instead of supporting the kinds of shows that could help it evolve its brand and attract new audiences.

“Sooner or later, the networks are going to have to begin making some decisions to keep shows on, even if it doesn’t seem to make any economic sense,” one senior executive told me last week. “We’ve got to break out of this quarter-to-quarter mindset.”


Anonymous said...

Sadly the TV executives will realise this, but it has come way too late for Moonlight.

Anonymous said...

The people at the Crap Broadcasting System are clueless, assinine jerks who blew it. The articles that comment on what a mistake they made to cancel MOONLIGHT are nice to read but, really, isn't it just too little too late? The damage has been done, we are without MOONLIGHT and there's no hope in sight....

Lyn said...

...but the numbers weren't that bad!!! Argh.

Deborah said...

I have stated numerous times that CBS is the only network that does not nurtures any new shows that do not follow the CSI format. I knew all along that if Moonlight was on other network, we would have Season 2. CBS has the most dumbest decision makers of all times on television!!