Friday, July 11, 2008

New Vampire projects bring more attention to Moonlight

Moonlight is getting lots of great media attention with the launch of other Vampire projects in the news. iF Magazine has written many articles about our show, as well as interviewed Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles and Jason Dohring. They made sure to include Moonlight in their piece about HBO's new vamp series, True Blood.


HBO gets into the vampire game with the Alan Ball produced horror series

LOCATION: New Orleans

THE SKINNY: First ANGEL is staked by the WB and last season CBS dusted their vampire series MOONLIGHT after one season despite support from a strong legion of fans. With vampire series getting little respect on TV, why would HBO greenlight a vampire series called TRUE BLOOD?

Two words: Alan Ball.

Yes, the creator of SIX FEET UNDER and the screenwriter of AMERICAN BEAUTY has brought Charlaine Harris’ series of novels focusing on a psychic girl (Anna Paquin) who falls in love with a mysterious vamp (Stephen Moyer) to the small screen with sex, blood, and more sex.

“We’re all about bringing in an idea with enormous passion and talent and when Alan came in to us with the idea of TRUE BLOOD, it was a no brainer,” says Michael Lombardo, HBO’s President of Programming Group and West Coast Operations, at this year's summer press tour.

“And when he described what he wanted to do, that was the reason to do it," he adds. "We weren’t looking for Alan to do a ‘vampire show.’ We were looking to be in business with Alan again, and he had a great take on a great series of books.”

Photo ~ Sookie Stackhouse ( Anna Paquin ) and Bill Compton ( Stephen Moyer ) True Blood television series


Lyn said...

Having read the books, these are pretty good stories -- but you know what is a real shame? The "Bill" character as described in the books would be a perfect casting for Alex. Its a pity he didn't get casted for this role, if he had maybe he would have still been vamping up our screens come the fall.

Oh and yes - CBS (dimwits) so totally DID miss this bandwagon.

Lyn said...

I haven't bothered to visit CBS since we realized they weren't interested in our opinion. However, given all this new Vampire Buzz I couldn't resist. Below is the post I sent to their feedback line. I know it doesn't make any difference, but it sure felt good to get it off my chest!
I have been avoiding your channel and your website since your boneheaded move in cancelling Moonlight. Given all the "Vampire Buzz" building today over the release of the upcoming films, HBO series and books I had to come back to just let you know... what a bunch of shortsighted folks you are over there making your outdated and poor business decisions.

CBS could have been a leader.... but instead you prefer to select (in Moonlight's spot for the fall) a tired and outdated concept for a tired and outdated genre (sitcoms). Not only that, but you select a complete misfit to go between two genre shows (GW & Numbers).

You really do deserve the poor numbers you are inevitably going to get. Shortsighted, boneheaded, dumb... dumb... dumb.

Vampires -- the new Boy Wizards and YOU missed the boat.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly said Lyn!

Deborah said...

Just like lyn, I have not watched anything from that nameless network that canceled my beloved Moonlight. I have no wish to watch anymore show from that stupid network. I agree lyn's comment on the feedback line, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB NETWORK. I will give "True Blood" a try. HBO definitely knows vampires are IN. From what I heard, HBO has been promoting "True Blood" already!!

Artchica said...

"Vampires- the new boy wizards and you missed the boat."

Very well said! I also heard that Tim Burton is making the Dark Shadows movie with who other than Johnny Depp as the lead vamp, Barnabas Collins. I think CBS is out of the trend loop here. What a bunch of dumb dumbs. I think they are going to win dusch bag of the universe award.

I've been a vamp fan for a while, and I'm so glad all the hype that has been going around. I really miss moonlight and Blood Ties. I think this is the time to raise our pitch forks and torches again! You know the networks are seeing this! Should HBO get all the hype? Other networks could share a peice of this pie!


cobby said...

I'm sure that dumb ass network knew exactly what their competition was coming down the road. Why they cancelled Moonlight????? The truth has not beem told yet!!!! Spineless bastards that they are and that liar Nina....I bet her nose is long enough now to go around the world.