Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Teaser Videos ~ Behind the scenes footage & interviews from Twilight film

Twilight Movie ~ New Teaser Promo Trailer

Twilight Film ~ Behind the scenes trailer from NY Comic Con

SPOILER ALERT ~ Don't watch the Twilight videos above if you wanna be completely surprised by the movie!

We have discussed extensively the upcoming Vampire projects coming to television, bookstores and movie screens. Specifically addressing the fact that vamps are VERY popular right now, and that CBS could have had an established tv series giving them a head start.... if only they had not canceled Moonlight. One happy by-product of all the new Vampyre hype is continued media attention for our show.

Saying that the soon to be released film, Twilight, is generating enormous buzz does not even come close to covering the volume of anticipation. When a prized novel such as Twilight (written by Stephanie Meyer, by the way) is converted to film, there is always concern about the end result not living up to the original material. I've enjoyed the scenes & trailers shown thus far. Plus, Stephanie Meyer has said tons of wonderful things about the cast, director and crew.

I've gotten a bunch of messages from you asking for more info about Twilight. Your wish is my command..... but don't let that go to your head! *wink*

Breaking Dawn ( Twilight Saga Book #4 : the final chapter in the series ) is coming out on August 2nd, 2008. Libraries & bookstores across the country are hosting midnight release parties.

Here are 2 videos to give you an idea of the movie's story.

First ~ I'm posting the brand new Twilight teaser trailer ( the 2nd one to be exact ) that was just released.

Second ~ A video filmed on the set in Oregon. It was screened at the New York Comic Con. A discerning, tough crowd to please. Lots of fun behind the scenes stuff! In the promo clip, you hear brief interviews with author Stephanie Meyer, director Catherine Hardwicke, Rob Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), Cam Gigandet (James), Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria), Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) and more.

Tagline : When you live forever, what do you live for?

Twilight is set to premiere in US theaters on Friday, December 12th 2008.

Do you like what they have shown you so far?


Lyn said...

Apart from the first few dialog lines in the trailer (which seemed a little corny to me) it looks decent. I was very excited when I "found" the books and read the first two. However, I have not bothered to read the last one because I got a little tired of Bella. My one impression of the film (OK - its early days I know) is that her personality may still be the weak link for me. Also, the high school thing is a little tiresome.

I switched to the Sookie Stackhouse series and was much happier with them because they were at least adult. That said, I don't like the "coffin" references and I don't like the "vampires in public eye part". A big part of the allure is the secrecy.

In both cases, I don't like all the other critters. One (just one!) of the things I liked about Moonlight was the fact that vamps were the only supernaturals in the story. No werewolves, witches whatever.

I agree all this vamp activity is keeping Moonlight in the media, but it makes me very sad too. From a story perspective, neither has what Moonlight had (in my opinion) and from a film perspective of course there is no Alex/Mick. Whatever happens with Moonlight now, only one thing will make it look like it was ahead of this curve -- a 2nd season coming fairly quickly on the heels of its first. Otherwise it will just look like a bandwagon-jumper (which we who already love it know its not) but with the POOR publicity that CBS/Warner provided for it all along relatively few people knew about it and I am afraid that a film now will look like a copycat.

What a shame -- Moonlight was the best of the crop. All this vamp activity is really rubbing salt in the wound for me.

...and slightly off topic but I have to add -- doesn't it make you angry when you see how some of the new shows (summer & fall) are being properly promoted? Full page ads in People etc, TV trailers on other channels... if CBS had done that for Moonlight this time last year we might have seen a different end to the story.

Thanks as always Kandye... I still come here every morning before I start my day.

Anonymous said...

All of this vampire activity -books, tv series, and movies- just further prooves what idiots the fine folks at the Crap Broadcast System are for what they did to MOONLIGHT. Cancel a popular show just as the vampire genre is set to explode on tv series and the movies- plus you can watch Buffy and Angel every day in reruns, and you can still watch every episode of Blood Ties online at Lifetime. Yep cancelling MOONLIGHT was a real smart thing to do-why those executives at Crap Broadcasting must be Rhoades Scholars .. .

Anonymous said...

The Twilight teasers leave me feeling that the movie will follow the book(s) very closely. I still miss the heck out of MOONLIGHT though.