Monday, July 21, 2008

Videos ~ New Jason Dohring interview from Polaris 22 convention

Jason Dohring Interview ~ Polaris 22 Convention ~ Part 1A

Jason Dohring Interview ~ Polaris 22 Convention ~ Part 1B

Jason Dohring Interview ~ Polaris 22 Convention ~ Part 2

Jason Dohring Interview ~ Polaris 22 Convention ~ Part 3

Thanks to Rijane99, we get to enjoy these videos of Jason Dohring being interviewed during a press conference at the recent Polaris 22 Convention ( in Toronto, Canada ). While at the event, he discussed Moonlight, Veronica Mars, Cold Case, hopes for his career, etc.

A few tidbits ~

Alex O'Loughlin let Jason know that Moonlight had been canceled ( via voicemail ).

Jason was asked if he is doing extras for the Moonlight dvd :

"For the Moonlight one? Yea, I hope so because I enjoy those a lot. I think the fans do because they've seen the show. You know what I mean? So, it's like you gotta give them something else... I haven't heard anything about the extras for it. I would imagine they're gonna do a dvd release... They'd be smart enough to."

When asked if he knows what the future holds for Moonlight, "I've heard rumors... but so far they've not told us anything." Jason says most of our cast members are out auditioning. He also mentioned that Alex told him about going to audition for an A-list movie role.

How did you enjoy your time on Moonlight?

"I liked it. I think we started to get into it more toward the end where we sorta found our own. I sorta started to get I think what they wanted from my character, which was... I always tried to make things like brooding & whatever... and it wasn't right for that show because Mick was kinda that character and I was like trying to do that. I think that toward the end I sort of... I realized what they wanted & stuff like that. I was able to do certain episodes with that and I felt great about those because that's what it needed. So, I was able to deliver something effective for the show."

Do you look for something specifically in a tv role? Is there a role you prefer to have?

"Yea. I think even more recently since I've been done with Moonlight... I kinda just sorted some stuff out with my career, just for myself personally. Kinda, what I wanna do & the direction I wanna go. I think that I'll probably wind up doing some leading type stuff. Then, I might go back to some character stuff , or do a lead that's a character."

"I don't wanna work just to work particularly anymore... I'd rather find something that I'm happy about."

Did you have a backstory in mind for Josef?

"I did as we came along with the story... cuz you know, you get one story so it's not like... I guess I didn't want to create a million things and then, you know, the next script is like 'yea he's this'... But, like as the stories would come up you'd be like, 'Hmm that's interesting.' I guess like at one point I imagined him being like Mick. You know what I mean? In that, he's not sarcastic. He's a good guy. Then, that changed at some point. He lost his integrity. And then that's kinda why he admires Mick and can look up to him because that is something he had and lost. He wasn't strong enough to hold onto it."


Anonymous said...

It's true Jason did see, to grow into his Josef character! and he was the best as the wise cracking best friend- I SO looked forward to more episodes of him in MOONLIGHT. HBO had a show on last night -Shedding Light on Vampires in America- to kind of introduce the upcoming series "True Blood". It was kinda funny with alot of it's references (eg. there's the AVL-the "American Vampire League,Fangbook instead of Facebook) but all I could think was- I was so sad because this isn't MOONLIGHT! I miss MOONLIGHT!

cobby said...

As much as I love Jason Dohring I've had a problem following his ideas and his presentation to questions. He must try to get rid of that California slang/surfer language and concentrate and focus on his answer. His thoughts are scattered.....just watching the videos I think he's uncomfortable in that role. Perhaps he should try being coached and groomed so his performance at times like those would be more professional and mature.

How I miss's unbelievable to others who didn't fall in love with it!!!

Lyn said...

CObby, I so agree with you! I loved "Josef", but Jason's fidgetly, "hey-dude" style makes me stop watching him when he is interviewed for more that 2 minutes. He could do with a little coaching. Compare it to Alex's smooth, wry, funny interview style. He really needs to realize he isn't a teen star any more.

That said, I still like the guy and MISS JOSEF. Like Anonymous, I was looking forward to finding out more about him.

Jazmin said...

I agree with cobby, I find myself having a hard time trying to understand what is he really trying to say, I mean, Did he liked his work at Moonlight?? Did he liked his role or wanted to do alex role?? I'm really confuse!!!