Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reader's question about Sophia Myles' career answered

A lovely Moonlightfan Blog reader sent this scan to me ~ to share with you, of course :) It is a Q&A about Sophia Myles in the USA Weekend Sunday newspaper insert. Ooooooo.... and the marvelous photo used is from Sophia's appearance at the Paley Center's Moonlight panel in April. She looks gorgeous!

Question : Is Sophia Myles, who played Beth in the now canceled CBS series Moonlight, a new actress? - Tony Amodeo, Phoenix

Answer : No. But she got her start in England, making her screen debut at 16 on British TV. She likes to vary her roles, but "vampires have been very kind to my career," says Myles, 28, who has appeared in a BBC version of Dracula, as well as Underworld and its sequel. "The power of the vamp is huge." Unfortunately, it wasn't huge enough to get Moonlight a second season on CBS. - Contributing : Gayle Jo Carter & Nancy Mills


evah said...

I can feel the disappoinment of the many who will be reading this Q&A for the FIRST TIME of Moonlight's cancellation.

Certainly still living with mine.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore Sophia Myles and I think she was just as important to MOONLIGHT as Alex. I have liked her in many other projects (Tristan and Isolde especially) but, she was in her element as Beth Turner. I KNOW she'll go on to do other wonderful things but I hope she gets to reprise her role as Beth..