Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dead End Dating Vampire series on ABC this Fall

Back in February, I told you that Disney/ABC had optioned Kimberly Raye's Dead End Dating book series. Her writing features heroine Lil Marchette, who is a matchmaker.... and.... oh yeah.... a Vampiress. Kim has stated that the tv show based on her books is scheduled to air this Fall. Yet another vamp project coming out.

I can't help but think the HBO & ABC network executives must be thrilled that CBS was silly enough to cancel Moonlight. Instead of leading the way, they cleared the way *sigh*

Here is a link for those of you who wanna read "Just One Bite." It was just released at the end of July, and is Kim's latest novel in the Dead End Dating Vampire book series. If you are new to her work, you can also get any of her romance novels ~ including the Cowboy Vampire series & NASCAR books ~ by following the link below. :)


vamplover4ever said...

Please come to Hey Nielson and make opinions for Moonlight and cast to keep them in the number one spot. This new abc series may make CBS realize how dumb they were but not if we give up now. Make your opinions about what made the show great or they will not count! Come all Moonlight fans. This may be our last chance!!!

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