Monday, August 11, 2008

Public Appearances ~ Sophia Myles at Locarno Film Festival

I'm hearing that Sophia Myles will be making a public appearance at the 61st Annual Locarno Film Festival on August 15th. The fest is being held in the lovely Swiss city. Her sci-fi/fantasy/action/Viking/alien/period film, Outlander, is one of the most anticipated of the event. Everyone calls the enormous movie screen in the Piazza Grande the "heart of the festival." That is where Sophia's film will be showing :)

Check out this wonderful production photograph of our girl in her role as Freya. Kissing her co-star, Jim Caviezel. She looks beautiful, as usual. A red head this time! Seeing that she has hair extensions again made me think of Sophia's funny quotes about being glamorized for Moonlight & Hollywood.

61st Annual Locarno Film Festival
Outlander movie screening
Friday, August 15th, 2008
9:30 pm
Piazza Grande
Locarno, Switzerland

Photo ~ Freya ( Sophia Myles ) and Kainan ( Jim Caviezel ) share a kiss in Outlander


maria said...

Not hair extensions but a wig. Small detail though :)

Moonlight said...

Hiya Maria ~

Sophia is wearing a wig in Outlander? I had heard that she was given hair extensions again. Thanks for the info :)

XO ~

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kookiegirl said...

Hair extensions or a wig, I think she looks fabulous and can't wait for the movie to come out and watch her with Cavizel as he is one of my favorite actors also!!

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter that she is wearing a wig or not,because she looks fantastic everytime.I'm also eager for her new upcoming film.