Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holly Valance champions the mission of MDRI

Mental Disability Rights International is an organization which helps people who are challenged. Sadly, they are often being abused and/or neglected. According to their mission statement ~ "Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI) is dedicated to promoting the human rights and full participation in society of people with mental disabilities worldwide."

Alex O'Loughlin's girlfriend, actress/singer Holly Valance, has taken up this cause. This video shows the PSA she did in support of MDRI. Below is a message from Holly explaining why she became involved with this worthy cause.

A letter from Holly Valance, international model, singer and actress:

Dear Friends,

I first learned of MDRI after its Serbia story shown on NBC News. To say I was affected by the images would be an understatement. I guess you don't know what you don't know, but now that I do, I can never be the same.

Huddled over my laptop sobbing, I wrote to the organization offering to be of any service I could. As I learned through further educating myself with MDRI's reports and discussions with staff, I realized this is not only a mental disability rights issue – but a human rights issue.

The work MDRI does is so important - any kind of support is crucial and pivotal to changing the conditions, laws and mindsets of the countries affected. I lie awake at night sick to my stomach about what goes on in these institutions and MDRI is the one on the frontline making these changes possible. They are truly angels – and they need our help. If there was ever a worthy cause that can make the world a better, safer, more compassionate place, this is it. I've always been very drawn to helping those without voices, the ones who don't get a say; the ones who are not seen or heard but kept away in poverty and shame; treated worse than animals.

They are God’s children too and they need to be protected. They deserve every right and opportunity you or I have and it's simply not good enough to sit back and hope someone else will fix it, or it will go away. It won't. It takes hard work, perseverance and funding to change an enormous issue like those tackled by MDRI daily.

If you know now, please help.

Make a truly meaningful decision to be part of something life changing for millions of people. While you curl up in your warm and safe bed tonight, imagine the torture being inflicted daily on these unfortunate souls because not enough of us know.

It's disgusting – and you are somewhat responsible if you learn about it and do nothing.

This has got to stop. It can not go on.

I am so truly honored, humbled and proud to be associated with Mental Disability Rights International.

Yours faithfully,
Holly Valance


Anonymous said...

I think it's very kind of Holly Valance to get involved with so many humanitarian things, but I'm a bit upset by her "it's digusting..." comment. Not everybody can get involved in every charity (I know right now I'm very aware of what she's fighting for and cannot afford to participate), and it seems to me she's bullying people into helping this cause. Charities are run by the goodness of peoples hearts for those who cannot help themselves, cannot afford food, are in tough situations, have incurable diseases, etc etc, and to say that you're participating in something awful like this because you cannot donate or help MDRI is a bit over the top.

Just my opinion, since that actually offended me.

Moonlight said...

Hey Anonymous ~

I completely understand your point of view. Unfortunately, many folks (myself included) are in the predicament of not having the $$$ to donate as we would wish, especially since there are lots of wonderful charities out there. When I read Holly's statement (It's disgusting – and you are somewhat responsible if you learn about it and do nothing), I took it as a call to do something.... whether volunteering, donating money or simply spreading the word.

Thank you for stating your thoughts and feelings in such a polite, well written message! You stated your case without flaming, yelling or being rude. In fact, you began by telling us something that you did like. I really appreciate that :)

XO ~

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kookiegirl said...

I definitely applaud Holly’s mission and I for one can sympathize with anonymous comments regarding her IMHO ‘poor choice of words’ in trying to convey her plea for help message. But on the other hand I know she means well and don't feel she is bullying people to help in her cause but rather challenging every one to make a truly meaningful decision to be a part and do something for the millions of people in this type of predicament. I also count myself and who knows how many who are in the same bracket of not being able to participate monetarily (due in part of the economy) in her worthy cause and the many charities I know are in real need of support every single day. Again, I wish her much success in this huge humanitarian endeavor she is embarking on.

Emma said...

I think anonymous is being a little unfair on Holly Valance. Holly may not have expressed herself perfectly, but she is obviously passionate and emotional about her cause. What Holly finds "disgusting" is that these atrocities exist in our world. By bringing them to our attention we can't use ignorance as an excuse for doing nothing.

What is particularly disappointing to me however, is the fact that anonymous thinks that the only way to help is through money. Yes, charities need funding, but Holly was not just asking for your money. She was asking you to care. She was asking that you don't forget about these people now that you've been made aware of them. If you don't have any money you can still spread the word. You can write to your government and the media. Just by bringing attention to a situation, you can cause a chain reaction of change.

With so many rich, vapid, Hollywood starlets living shallow and selfish lives, I think Holly should be commended for using her celebrity for something worthwhile. Her pretty face is obviously matched by a beautiful heart.

Thank you Kandye, for making us aware of Holly's message.