Friday, August 8, 2008

Voting for Moonlight

A dedicated band of Moonlight fans have been voting for our show on the TV Vote website. They have moved Moonlight into the Top 40! *cheer* According to one of those wonderful fans ( Vicki ), "Moonlight currently holds the record for number of consecutive days with votes over 1,000." When I checked the site today, the headline flashes that two shows hit record numbers..... Ponderosa with 170,000 votes and Moonlight with 125,000! Woo Woo :)

The poll is set to close when it reaches 10 million votes, which is estimated to happen in less than a week. You are allowed to vote once every 60 minutes.

Vote for the 5 Best TV Shows of All Time

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v620785 said...

Thanks Kandye. XOXO