Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vampires & Slayers new audio interview with Alex O'Loughlin

Another new audio interview with Alex O'Loughlin! YEA! Candid and thoughtful, as always. This time the talk is conducted by the wonderful Ed Gross of Vampires and Slayers. He broaches some important subjects. In this interview Alex talks extensively about Moonlight... its cancelation, fighting to save the show, being happy to have had the chance to play a Vampire, the difficulty of show runners coming & going, etc.

Ed also specifically brings up Nina Tassler's "actor-centric" comment. From Alex's reaction, it seemed to me that he had not heard her remark before this chat ~ and wasn't buyin' it.

I will say again that I'm excited & thankful for Alex getting a new contract allowing him to co-develop/produce & star in his next show, as well as pitch movie ideas. He deserves it!

Note : You must be a member of the site in order to listen to Alex O'Loughlin's interview. If you don't mind, please let them know that I sent ya by putting my name ~ Kandyegirl (like you didn't know ~ ha!) ~ as the answer to "How did you find out about Vampires & Slayers?" Thanks :)

by Edward Gross ~ Vampires & Slayers

For Moonlight's countless fans -- and the people who labored on the show in front of the camera and behind -- it seemed like a no-brainer that vampire detective Mick St. John and the love of his life, Beth Turner, would be returning for a second season. After all, the series won its timeslot almost every week, had highly-coveted demographics, won the People's Choice Awards and was the recipient of a strong cult following. Yet despite all of this going for it, the show was cancelled and its talented cast and crew were forced to go their separate ways. But now, in an excerpt from an exclusive interview, V&S Editor Edward Gross talks to series star Alex O'Loughlin about that cancellation, and his feelings looking back at the series. Moonlight fans take note: there will be much more coverage of the series to come.

Use this link to listen to the chat ~

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Jeanelize said...

Hi :)
Im so happy to hear his voice again, always a highlight in my day. it just me or did he sound like he was hungover or i dont know he sounded veeeery melow haha he got going later on in the interview though. I loved Shelby's one, he sounded really good in that interview and so sweet.

Anyways, GO ALEX :) cant wait for his next project..if he indeed has input, its going to be nothing short of awesome.

And to you Kandyegirl, THANK YOU for such a wonderful page, i read it everyday, sometimes more :)