Saturday, August 16, 2008

What is a talent holding deal?

Cynthia, from SF Universe, gives her opinion of Alex O'Loughlin's new contract with CBS. She also explains a bit more about what a "talent holding deal" means. I like her idea for Alex's new show ;> LOVE noir... and we know he is good with that genre.

Alex O’Loughlin Stays with CBS
by Cynthia Boris

A number of sources are reporting that Moonlight’s Alex O’Loughlin has signed a talent holding deal with CBS. What this means is that the network will attempt to develop a new series for Alex and /or cast him in another project. Obviously, the first of the two would be the better option, but fans are saying why not just bring back Moonlight? Since Alex was the show, why bother creating something new when something old will do?

As much as I love Moonlight, I’m happy to see Alex sticking around for another shot at anything on TV. Too often actors get one go of it and that’s the end of that. I could totally handle him as a PI in a 40’s Noir drama, or maybe as a lifeguard in a Baywatch remake (I’m going for the ’shirt off’ aspect.) What ever it is, I hope it’s action packed and I hope its soon.


Anonymous said...

"as a lifeguard in a Baywatch remake"!!! That's an insane suggestion. The man has more acting ability in his expressions than any actor I've seen with the possible exception of Meryl Streep.To put him in an inane, bimbo production may be a fun time for him but would rob the viewer of his real talent. The way TV has been dumbed down a remake of Baywatch would probably be a mega hit.

Moonlight said...

Hey Anonymous ~

Cynthia was obviously making a joke about a Baywatch show being an excuse to have a shirtless Alex.

Cordially ~

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cobby said...

anonymous - you are absolutely correct...."as a lifeguard"!!!! the man wants to act for c*****sake. He's already shown his "acting chops"...he's not a newbie anymore. He doesn't need that T & A show to land a job. I'd like to see him in something like Burn Notice, a romantic comedy or here's a novel idea....instead of remaking Baywatch....REMAKE MOONLIGHT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a joke people!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm the original anonymous who didn't get the joke, and I apologise. BUT I also believe Cynthia should bite her tongue (pen). Can't you see the PTB at CBS thinking "Hmm..Baywatch!! what a good idea!" They won't get the joke either.

cobby said...

well it didn't sound like a joke to me......after Crap BS shi! all over him the first time wouldn't be beneath them to do it again!!!

Hopefully this time he'll be wise to their two-face, back stabbing tactics.