Sunday, September 21, 2008

Video ~ How old are you?

In this video clip from True Blood, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) asks Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) the question we all must ask our Vampires......... Exactly how old are you? I like how it leads to Bill talking about his experience in the Civil War, which gives us more of a glimpse into his personality. So sweet that he simply wants to make Sookie happy. As usual, she ends the scene on a funny note ~ "that's creepy." :)


Anonymous said...

I like this show! It's OK to like this show because it's about vampires and, here's the really big reason it's OK to like True Blood- IT'S BEEN RENEWED FOR A SECOND SEASON! I will actually get to see what happens to the 2 central characters Bill and Sookie! It's not Moonlight, not by a long shot, I LOVED Moonlight but the "genius's" at the crap broadcasting system took Moonlight away from us so now I watch True Blood.........

Anonymous said...

Is this a True Blood blog/web-site now?? I'm not trying to be rude, maybe is just that, I'm still a bit bitter because moonlight was cancelled and True Blood has been renewed......but I come here every day religiously to find news or a post about my beloved Moonlight and can't help but notice that you're posting True Blood news lately.
Anyway.....I apologize if I'm making anybody uncomfortable with this comment ok!
I know that I for one, can't enjoy any other vampire show, maybe I'm just not a vampire genre fan, maybe I'm just a big fan of Moonlight and all it's cast.
Sorry for my english....I'm a latin-american fan!!!

Anonymous said...

2nd anonymous, I am sure you did not mean to be but your comment does come off as very rude to Kandyegirl. No one has worked harder to bring us all things Moonlight related. Her blog is constantly updated daily and we know that her info is accurate. We can depend on her. Can you imagine how hard she works on this blog for us? She does not get paid to do this. She does it for us because she wants to and we are lucky. After all she could just keep all the info she gets to herself and not share it with anyone else.

From time to time Kandyegirl has always mentioned other things we might be interested in like the Twilight movie, True Blood, articles about vamps, her new puppy etc. Other vampire projects do relate to Moonlight especially when they get renewed after only 2 episodes like True Blood. And it confirms how stupid cbs was to let Moonlight go. Many of us ask her for info about vamp shows and films. She kindly provides the info showing again that she is there for us.

I hope that my response to you is not coming off as rude too. I do not mean for it to. You are entitled to your opinion. I just have to stand up for Kandyegirl because she deserves our support after all she has done for us AND for Moonlight. Tamara

Anonymous said...

This is Kandyegirl's blog which means she can write about whatever she wants 8-) I for one LOVE this blog!!!!!!! THANK YOU and keep up the awesome work Kandyegirl!!!!!!!